Indian Woman posed as ‘Railway Officer’ to defraud Youth

An Indian woman from Haryana pretended to be a railway officer in order to defraud a young man who she had been in contact with.

Indian Woman posed as 'Railway Officer' to defraud Youth f

she had claimed that prices had been raised for the railways.

Police have registered a case against an Indian woman after she posed as a railway officer in order to carry out a scam. She conned an unemployed youth out of Rs. 9 Lakh (£9,300).

The incident happened in the woman’s home state of Haryana. Police have identified the accused as Geeta Rani.

It was revealed that she kept six SIM cards and used them when making calls to the victim.

However, when the fraud came to light and a police case was registered, Geeta disposed of them, preventing officers from being able to trace her location.

They also revealed that a man named Abhishek Mishra had been leading the railway scam is also on the run.

The victim, Sheesham, told officers that Geeta used to speak to him on the phone using different mobile numbers. He said that the last time they spoke was sometime in September 2020.

After this, she ceased contact with him.

She would visit him by car while under the guise of a railway officer. Sheesham would then give her money.

The victim later discovered that it was a scam. After finding out, he spoke to Geeta’s family.

They were unaware of the scam and wondered how she was making so much money. They asked her many times because she never told them what work she was doing.

It was revealed that Geeta used some of the money to purchase a luxury car.

Sheesham told officers that she had claimed that prices had been raised for the railways.

Police have registered a case and are currently looking for the Indian woman and Abhishek.

During the investigation, they found out it was a large-scale fraud. Officers discovered that around 40 people in Kolkata were being trained to pose as railway officers and scam unsuspecting people.

Police believe that hundreds of fraudsters are being trained across the country, saying that a large gang is running the scam.

In a similar case, a woman from Delhi posed as a police officer and issued fines to unsuspecting citizens.

Police identified the woman as Tamanna Jahan. She was unemployed but she would go out dressed as a police officer and would issue bogus fines to citizens who were violating social distancing rules or were not wearing masks.

It was reported that she would demand up to Rs. 500 (£5) from each citizen.

According to police, when she approached people, Jahan would flash a star on her shoulder in order to convince victims that she was an actual police officer.

Jahan also kept a fake challan (charge) book with her while walking the streets looking for victims for her moneymaking scheme.

Her scam came to light when another officer questioned where she was posted. When she panicked and could not answer, she was arrested.

During questioning, she said that due to her poor financial situation, she posed as a police officer and issued fake charges in order to make quick money.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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