Family takes Pregnant Girl aged 14 to Hospital for Abortion

A 14-year-old pregnant girl from Madhya Pradesh was taken by her family to the hospital so that she could have an abortion.

Family takes Pregnant Girl aged 14 to Hospital for Abortion f

various medicines and other measures were taken

A 14-year-old pregnant girl had an abortion on Friday, October 30, 2020, after her family took her to the hospital.

The teenager is a resident of Nalkheda, in Madhya Pradesh.

She was taken to Charak Hospital at around 4:10 pm. The girl was taken to a medical room where the abortion subsequently took place.

It was revealed that the girl was five-months pregnant.

Hospital administrators have informed officers at Kotwali Police Station.

Dr Manjusha Pipple was responsible for attending to the patient. She said that the pregnant girl underwent sonography in Freeganj, Ujjain the day before.

Doctors there said that the child appeared normal and healthy in the girl’s womb. However, the next day, she had an abortion.

It was reported that various medicines and other measures were taken to ensure termination, however, police do not know for sure.

The girl’s condition is said to be normal after having the abortion. She is still in hospital recovering.

When hospital staff asked the family how the girl became pregnant, they expressed ignorance and claimed they did not know.

They also told Dr Pipple that they have no idea how the girl became pregnant.

Civil Surgeon in-charge Dr Mahesh Marmat said that the teenager’s pregnancy and subsequent abortion has been reported to officers at Kotwali Police Station.

Police have registered a case and are investigating to determine how the girl got pregnant.

Officer-in-charge Manish Mishra said that receiving information from Charak Hospital, the girl’s statement will be recorded in due course.

Additional information is being sought from Nalkheda Police Station.

In another case, a 16-year-old gave birth in a bathroom and later attempted to get rid of the newborn by flushing it down the toilet.

The girl had gone to the hospital with her parents after complaining of a stomach ache. When she was treated, nurses asked why her stomach was swollen after which they said that she may be pregnant.

Her parents refused the possibility of their daughter being pregnant and said that she is not even married yet.

CCTV footage showed the girl going into the bathroom with a woman and a man as Chief Medical Officer Dr Yogesh Sharma explained:

“According to a preliminary investigation, a girl, accompanied by a woman and a man, reached the hospital, went to the washroom and later fled after delivering the baby.

“The newborn was found dead in the flush tank.”

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