Rapist jailed for getting Girl aged 12 Pregnant

A rapist has been jailed for getting a 12-year-old girl pregnant in Edinburgh. Following the assault, he fled the country.

Rapist jailed for getting Girl aged 12 Pregnant f

"the girl did not wish to continue with the pregnancy."

Balwinder Singh, aged 54, was jailed for five years and four months for raping a 12-year-old girl and getting her pregnant. The rapist later fled the country.

Singh had assaulted the girl at a house in Edinburgh in 2016, resulting in a pregnancy.

The girl later complained of stomach pains and her mother took her to see a doctor. The doctor confirmed that the victim was in the advanced stages of pregnancy.

Advocate depute Isla Davie QC told Edinburgh High Court:

“At this time the mother made it clear to the GP that the girl did not wish to continue with the pregnancy.”

Scans revealed that conception was around mid-June.

Miss Davie said it was then explained to the girl and her mother that due to the late stages of pregnancy, a termination could not be carried out and she would have to give birth.

The labour was complicated due to the victim’s age and naivety.

The baby was fostered after birth and later adopted.

After the attack, Singh fled the UK. He was found to have left for Hong Kong before going on to Canada.

Singh was detained in Canada over an alleged shoplifting offence. He was deported and arrested on arrival at Heathrow Airport.

Police obtained the baby’s DNA profile and later matched it with Singh’s.

In June 2020, the rapist admitted that on one occasion between June 1 and July 31, 2016, he raped the girl and caused her to become pregnant.

The rapist was subsequently placed on the sex offenders’ register indefinitely.

Defence counsel Kenneth Cloggie said there was no violence or use of alcohol or drugs during the attack.

Judge Lady Scott said that based on a background report, Singh appeared to blame the girl.

She went on to say that the birth had caused the victim “considerable distress”.

Judge Scott told Singh: “There is no suggestion of grooming and, in addition, I take into account that you have pled guilty at an early stage and that you have no prior sexual offending and no relevant record.”

She added that the rape of a child was always very serious and that Singh would have faced a longer sentence had it not been for his early plea.

An NSPCC Scotland spokesperson said: “Singh preyed on the naivety and vulnerability of a young girl and then attempted to avoid the consequences of those horrendous actions.

“Thanks to her bravery in reliving this ordeal, he has now been brought to justice and it’s crucial that the victim receives ongoing support to recover.”

Edinburgh Live reported that on September 25, 2020, Singh was jailed for five years and four months.

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