Rapist who pretended to be a Policeman Jailed

A rapist who pretended to be policeman has been jailed for 8 years and 1 month. Not only had he a raped a woman, but also threatened and blackmailed her.

Rapist who pretended to be a Policeman Jailed

"[He] took full advantage of her sexually, emotionally and financially."

A rapist who pretended to be a policeman has received a jail sentence of 8 years and one month. After using a fake profile to meet his victim, the man had raped and blackmailed her.

Identified as 43-year-old Randeep Tamne, he received his sentence at Warwick Crown Court. The trial took place on 5th July 2017.

While the rapist initially denied all charges, he later pleaded guilty to two charges of rape, one count of blackmail and one of impersonating a police officer.

In addition to his prison sentence, he will sign the sexual offenders’ list and go under a sexual harm prevention order.

Randeep Tamne had reportedly created a fake profile on a dating website, describing himself as a white, 6’0 fitness instructor. He met his 27-year-old victim through this website and exchanged fake images to her. She also sent him intimate pictures, including one of her topless.

He tricked his victim into meeting at his house in Wyken on 30th July 2016. However, when she arrived, she didn’t recognise Randeep Tamne from the photos he had provided and quickly left.

The rapist then contacted her via phone and threatened to arrest her. He reportedly used her intimate images as a way of saying she had committed an offence. Tamne’s victim returned to the property and he said she needed to pay a fine.

While she gave him some money, the rapist claimed it wasn’t enough. He demanded sex as an additional way of repayment and raped her.

After the shocking incident, Tamne forced her to drive to a cashpoint, where the victim withdrew money. He blackmailed her by demanding further payments or threatened that she would face an arrest.

The following day, his victim reported the incident to police after confiding in her mother. Police arrested Randeep Tamne and while he denied any charges, he later admitted his guilt in June 2017.

Detective Constable John Cleverly said of the case:

“The defendant was an online predator who sought out a vulnerable female on a dating site and took full advantage of her sexually, emotionally and financially after initially pretending to be a different identity.

“This case should act as reassurance to anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted that we take all reports seriously and allegations will be thoroughly investigated.”

The victim had also revealed in her impact statement that she suffered from anxiety as a result. She also explained she could no longer feel safe with policemen.

John Cleverly hailed her as “extremely brave” and hoped she could find comfort in the sentence.

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Image courtesy of West Midlands Police.

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