Rapist jailed for attacking his Victim in Her Home for 2 Hours

Rapist Diljeet Grewal, of Hayes, subjected his victim to a horrific ordeal inside her own home which lasted over two hours.

Rapist jailed for attacking Victim in Her Home for 2 Hours f

Following the attack, Grewal stole the victim's mobile phone

Rapist Diljeet Grewal, aged 28, of Windsor Gardens, Hayes, was sentenced to 15 years in prison on November 1, 2019, after he raped and robbed a woman at knifepoint.

He had arranged to meet the woman before subjecting her to the horrific ordeal.

Isleworth Crown Court heard that Grewal went to the woman’s home in Hillingdon for a pre-arranged meeting on April 28, 2019.

However, as soon as he entered the property, he brandished a knife and threatened the woman, who was in her 30s. This caused her to feel for her life.

Grewal then went on to attack her, both physically and sexually. The ordeal lasted approximately two-and-a-half hours and left the victim with several injuries.

Following the attack, Grewal stole the victim’s mobile phone and forced her to hand over the cash inside her handbag.

Grewal then continued to search her room in an attempt to find more money. He later fled the woman’s home.

After he left, the victim managed to call a friend who was outside the UK, explaining what had happened. The friend subsequently called the police.

Police officers arrived at the scene, however, when they arrived, they found Grewal still loitering outside the address.

Officers immediately arrested the suspect and took him to a police station in West London.

The area where he had been spotted was searched and a knife was discovered. Grewal denied it was his but forensic evidence proved it was the weapon he used to attack the woman.

When officers spoke to the victim, she identified Grewal as the person who attacked her.

CCTV footage also showed the hooded rapist entering the woman’s home through a communal bike store.

On April 29, 2019, Grewal was charged with rape and aggravated burglary. He was convicted of rape, sexual assault and aggravated burglary on August 3, 2019.

The woman received support from specially trained officers from the West Area Safeguarding Team during the investigation.

Leading the investigation was Detective Constable Mark Palmer who said:

“I welcome this sentencing and hope it gives the victim some measure of closure.

“I would like to thank the victim for her bravery in supporting our investigation and identifying Grewal as her attacker.”

“I also hope it encourages any victims of sexual assault, to come forward and trust that officers will treat crimes of this nature respectfully and seriously regardless of the circumstances.”

My London reported that Diljeet Grewal was jailed for 15 years. He also received a five-year period on licence when he is released.

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