Farhan Akhtar reacts to Trolls attacking his Family

In an interview, Farhan Akhtar has opened up on social media trolls attacking him and his family. He gave his opinion on the matter.

Farhan Akhtar reacts to Trolls attacking his Family f

"it shows me how ugly they are."

Farhan Akhtar has slammed trolls for attacking his family, stating that they should address any issues with him directly instead of dragging his family into the matter.

The actor is often seen taking on trolls on social media.

He previously responded to several netizens, including one who branded him a “VIP Brat” for using a drive-in vaccination facility.

In an interview with Bollywood Bubble, Farhan said:

“I don’t think anybody would be happy with their family being attacked on any kind of platform for any reason.

“At the end of the day, if you have any issues with me, right or wrong, the issue should end with me.

“I don’t feel it has to pass on to anybody else. I am here for you to be able to talk to.

“Also, I do feel that if there is any criticism that has to come your way, when it comes wrapped up in any kind of abuse, bigotry or prejudice, how can you take that seriously?”

He continued: “At the end of the day, a person revealing how hateful they are, it shows me how ugly they are.

“It tells me very little about me but a lot about them.

“If you want to have a conversation about something and discuss it and even maybe change my mind about something, I am more than happy for my thoughts to get changed if it’s a respectable conversation.

“There’s a classic saying that ‘Never wrestle with a pig because you will get dirty but the pig loves it’. So that’s what it is.”

Farhan Akhtar also spoke about the body image pressures that actors have to face today.

He revealed why it is mentally draining to always have the perfect body type.

Farhan said: “When we grew up watching films, at no point did we ever stop to think about the body type of the actor or the actress.

“We had actors and actresses of all shapes and sizes.”

“Talking about leading men, we had somebody as lanky as Mr Amitabh Bachchan, we had the macho man Dharmendra, we had Sanjeev Kumar ji, who was a different shape and size of his own.

“And they were considered as the regular male body.

“And it never felt like ohh these people are not fit because they would still beat people up at the end of the film.

“And they would still be romancing women and they would still be doing whatever they did.

“And women would also just be completely comfortable in their skin.

“There was no size zero, size one, size two. None of that was going on and it was absolutely wonderful because that’s how life is.

“Not everybody comes with a six-pack or bikini-bod.”

On the work front, Farhan Akhtar was last seen in the sports drama Toofaan in which he plays a boxer.

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