Brother kicked Indian Pregnant Sister in Stomach forcing Abortion

A deplorable incident occurred in Mumbai where a man kicked his pregnant sister in the stomach. The violence led to her having a forced abortion.

Brother kicked Indian Pregnant Sister in Stomach forcing Abortion f

"At around 10 am, Manoj and I had a fight."

A man from Mumbai has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison after he kicked his pregnant sister in the stomach, causing the death of her unborn child.

The defendant was convicted and sentenced at a sessions court on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

The court heard that the incident took place in 2017.

It was reported that 23-year-old Manoj Karakhe and his sister got into an argument with each other. In a fit of anger, he kicked her in the stomach.

She was four months pregnant at the time. The assault caused severe injuries and she was rushed to the hospital.

Unfortunately, the injuries left doctors no choice but to perform a forced abortion.

Karakhe’s sister narrated her ordeal to the court:

“I lived with my husband and my brother Manoj Karakhe lived in our neighbourhood.

“On October 16, 2017, I was four months pregnant. At around 10 am, Manoj and I had a fight.”

The woman went on to explain that her husband tried to calm the situation down but it only made Karakhe angrier.

She added:

“After this Manoj beat him up and he kicked me in my stomach. I fell down and fell unconscious.”

The pregnant woman’s family took her to the hospital. After an ultrasound, the doctors told the woman that her child was unlikely to survive and advised her to undergo an abortion.

Following the abortion procedure, the pregnant sister filed a case of murder against her brother.

During the trial, the victim, her mother, husband and sister testified.

After hearing evidence and testimonies, the court found Karakhe guilty under Section 316 of the Indian Penal Code and he was jailed for three-and-a-half years.

In another horrific case of forced abortion, a woman named Riti got married to a man named Ajay Kumar.

However, when she fell pregnant, his and his parent’s behaviour towards her changed.

They told her that she needs to have a son no matter what.

The in-laws allegedly put medication in her drinks and told her to have it, however, it led to her becoming ill. She was rushed to hospital.

When Riti tried to call her husband, he did not answer. She then realised that she had been betrayed by them and left on her own.

She ended up having to undergo a forced abortion due to the harm the medication caused to the foetus.

Riti filed a complaint with Punjab Police, stating that she had been duped by her husband and in-laws.

Kumar was later arrested but police were still making efforts to arrest the mother-in-law and aunt-in-law.

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