Indian Girl aged 17 has Stomach Ache and gives Birth to Stillborn

A 17-year-old Indian girl from Chhattisgarh had a stomach ache but soon found out that she was pregnant. However, she gave birth to a stillborn baby.

Indian Girl aged 17 has Stomach Ache and gives Birth to Stillborn f

"The hostel superintendent has been suspended."

An Indian girl gave birth in the medical room of the hostel where she was staying. However, the child was tragically delivered stillborn.

The 17-year-old unnamed girl was a class 11 student in Dantewada, Chhattisgarh.

Following the stillborn birth, the incident received a lot of attention because there had been contrasting reports as to what actually happened.

The different stories left people shocked about the details regarding the delivery of a stillborn child.

It was actually revealed that the child died due to an unsafe delivery.

Upon receiving information about the incident, officers from Gundradehi and Mahila Police Station went to the hospital and registered a case.

Officers are investigating the events leading up to and following the birth.

The matter happened in the hostel’s medical room in front of hostel superintendent Hemlata Nag.

It was revealed that he was responsible for the different media reports. He had lied in order to suppress what actually happened.

After discovering that Nag lied to stop the truth from coming out, he was suspended.

According to police, the Indian girl had complained of a stomach ache on the morning of Wednesday, January 15, 2020.

She was taken to the medical room where she was told that she was pregnant.

Staff then helped deliver the baby, however, their methods were reportedly unsafe, which resulted in a stillbirth.

When her family found out that their daughter was pregnant and had given birth, they were shocked.

It was revealed that the teenager had been in a relationship with a boy from the village for approximately two years.

The deputy collector said:

“The child is dead. The girl says that she has been in a relationship with a village boy for two years.”

“The hostel superintendent has been suspended. He was later brought to the hospital. We will also inquire with the medical staff.

“Further action will be taken on the basis of the investigation. The school administration has handed over the dead child to the girl’s parents.”

Superintendent Nag remains suspended while the investigation continues to find out what methods the medical staff took and why it led to the baby being stillborn.

In a separate incident, a 16-year-old girl was pregnant and gave birth in the toilet. However, she attempted to get rid of the newborn by flushing it.

An investigation was launched and a case was registered under Section 318 (concealment of birth by secret disposal of dead body) of the Indian Penal Code.

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