Pakistani Rape Victim aged 13 gives Birth to Baby Girl

A 13-year-old rape victim from Larkana district in Pakistan has given birth to a baby girl. The investigation about who actually raped her is ongoing.

Pakistani Rape Victim aged 13 gives Birth to Baby Girl f

Pathan and Surhiyo may have raped her daughter

A 13-year-old Pakistani rape victim has given birth to a baby girl in Shaikh Zayed Women’s Hospital in Larkana District.

It was reported that the girl was subjected to sexual abuse over a period of several months in Jacobabad District.

She was transferred to the hospital and is being supervised by police as she is being threatened by the alleged rapists.

DNA samples of the newborn child have been collected and have been sent to Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences’ forensic and molecular laboratory.

Police officers are awaiting the results of the DNA test because they do not know who is responsible for raping the girl.

An FIR was registered against four people at Civil Lines Police Station, Jacobabad.

While two suspects have not been identified, the other two were named as Kamran Pathan and Zafarullah Surhiyo.

Pathan and Surhiyo were initially arrested but were later released on bail.

Police officers officially declared the unidentified suspects as fugitives. Investigations are underway to identify and arrest them.

The rape victim, who was 12-years-old when she was subjected to the horrific ordeal, did not tell her mother about the rape until her pregnancy came to light.

The victim’s mother said that Pathan and Surhiyo may have raped her daughter while she was at their house.

She told officers that her daughter used to go to Surhiyo’s home, where he would provide her with free meals.

The mother, who is a widow, also revealed that Pathan worked as a vendor, selling Haleem.

The girl remains in hospital after giving birth while police are working to find out who raped her.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother has urged the government and the judiciary to take notice of the situation and to provide them with justice.

Incidents of rape victims giving birth to their attacker’s baby is shocking but is unfortunately not uncommon.

In one case, a 20-year-old woman from the Indian state of Punjab gave birth to a baby boy after accusing two men of raping her.

She accused the men of repeatedly raping her in 2018, which led to her getting pregnant.

After giving birth to the baby, the rape victim resented the child. The baby boy was with her but she did not welcome him and refused to keep him. She stated that it was because she is unmarried and full of shame.

The two men remain in custody at Nathana Police Station. DNA tests were to determine the father of the child.

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