Aggressive Thug twisted and squeezed Policeman’s Genitals

A thug from Burnley became aggressive towards a policeman. Abdul Muhith then twisted and squeezed the officer’s genitals.

Aggressive Thug twisted and squeezed Policeman's Genitals f

"Muhith got hold of his testicles and penis and twisted"

Abdul Muhith, aged 20, of Burnley, received a 20-week prison sentence. The thug grabbed a policeman’s private parts before twisting and squeezing them.

Blackburn magistrates heard that he was being arrested when he became extremely aggressive.

Muhith refused to let go even when the officer punched him in the face. He eventually released his grip after he was punched in the nose for a second time.

The prosecutor Tracy Yates explained that police were called to Muhith’s home in Hurtley Street at 1:37 am on July 6, 2019, after his family reported trouble.

Police officers spoke to Muhith who soon became abusive and aggressive with them.

Mrs Yates said: “The family asked the police to remove the defendant from the house.

“He was very aggressive and appeared to be under the influence of either drink or drugs.”

PC Nicholas Haworth took hold of Muhith and told him he was being arrested for a breach of the peace. At that point, the thug swung his arm, hitting the policeman on the cheek.

Mrs Yates said: “As the officer took him to the floor Muhith got hold of his testicles and penis and twisted, causing him extreme pain.

“The officer punched him on the nose but he still refused to let go and only released his grip after a second punch on the nose.

“During the struggle, he kicked out catching Inspector Lynch in the chest.”

Mrs Yates went on to say that the inspector managed to gain control of the situation by using pepper spray. They eventually put Muhith in a police vehicle.

Mrs Yates added that Muhith continued to verbally abuse PC Haworth, even making racist comments.

She stated:

“On the way to the police station, he was making threats to assault PC Haworth. He called him a white b******.”

Gareth Price, defending, explained that his client found it difficult responding correctly whenever he was confronted by authority figures.

Mr Price said:

“Had he left when the police asked him to there would not have been any problem but he panicked because he didn’t have anywhere else to go.

“Despite what was a very unpleasant incident PC Haworth did not suffer any injuries.”

Abdul Muhith pleaded guilty to two charges of assaulting an emergency worker and racially aggravated threatening behaviour.

He was jailed for twenty weeks. Lancashire Telegraph reported that he was also ordered to pay £100 compensation to PC Haworth and £50 to Inspector Simon Lynch when he is released.

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