Indian Man shoots himself in Genitals at Wedding

In a strange incident, an unnamed Indian man shot himself in the genitals during a wedding. He was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Indian Man shoots himself in Genitals at Wedding f

the pistol's trigger got accidentally pressed.

An Indian man accidentally shot himself in his genitals while attending his friend’s wedding in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India.

It was heard that the man was allegedly drunk when he accidentally fired the gun.

The 25-year-old wedding guest had been carrying a licensed pistol around his waist. He shot himself after the trigger of the gun got inadvertently pressed.

Police said that the groom’s friend and a few other guests were drunk when the incident took place.

According to reports, the man shot himself as he went to the toilet when the pistol’s trigger got accidentally pressed.

The man was rushed to a local hospital where doctors had to perform emergency surgery to remove the bullet and to surgically repair the man’s genitals.

After the man was taken to the hospital, guests informed the police about the incident but no formal complaint was lodged.

A senior police officer confirmed the incident that took place. He added that appropriate action will only be taken if a formal complaint is filed.

There have been a number of incidents in the past where celebratory gunfire has led to serious injuries or death at wedding ceremonies.

There were three reported shooting incidents at wedding venues in Bihar since the beginning of March 2019.

At least two people were accidentally shot dead while two guests were seriously injured by bullets.

Another case involved a 19-year-old bride from Delhi who suffered a gunshot wound to her ankle as a result of celebratory gunfire.

The incident happened at a community centre in Shakarpur, Delhi, on Friday, January 18, 2019.

The victim, identified as Pooja, was walking towards the stage with her groom Bharat for her wedding ceremony.

A suspect, identified as Rinku fired a gunshot in celebration. However, the bullet hit the bride and created chaos at the ceremony.

She collapsed on the stairs of the stage when the bullet lodged in her ankle. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for treatment.

A senior police official said: “We have noted statements from the guests and have identified a suspect named Rinku, who is a resident of Geeta Colony. He fired in the air.”

Police added that that was the fourth incident of celebratory firing during private functions in Delhi in the span of 20 days.

Celebratory gunfire is an old phenomenon that has been practised in various parts of India, especially the northern region.

This may be seen as a way to stand out from the crowd when celebrating an event, but it tends to have tragic consequences.

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