Indian Woman has forced Abortion after In-Laws Betrayed Her

Riti, an Indian woman from Punjab, has been subjected to betrayal after her in-laws and husband left her at the hospital to have a forced abortion.

Indian Woman has forced Abortion after In-Laws Betrayed Her f

after admitting her into the hospital, the family fled

Punjab police in Jalandhar’s Model Town received a complaint from a woman, named Riti, who said she was betrayed and duped by her husband Ajay Kumar and her in-laws after getting married and falling pregnant.

Police then started the investigation into the matter of the marriage racket in the Bhagat Nagar area of the city and arrested Kumar, the suspected husband.

MMO police officer Bharat told media that Kumar was presented before the duty magistrate on Monday, April 8, 2019.

He added that police have still yet to trace the mother-in-law named ‘Meena’ and her aunt-in-law ‘Pinky’ who are also involved in the case.

Riti who is from the Balbir Colony that the treatment by her in-laws exploited her nature and willingness to do as told.

She says her in-laws gave her some concoction to drink to encourage her to have a boy after she told them she was pregnant.

However, the so-called medication her in-laws gave her caused her severe complications in her pregnancy one month later and harmed the foetus.

This resulted in Riti having to urgently being admitted to a civil hospital to have an abortion because she was in pain and trauma.

Riti said that after admitting her into the hospital, the family fled and no one came back.

When she tried to call Kumar, his mobile was off and at that point, Riti realised that she had been betrayed by them and left on her own due to what happened with the pregnancy.

Riti met Ajay Kumar on Facebook. He was living in Dubai at the time.

They frequently communicated on WhatsApp and it turned into a friendship and relationship between the pair.

Kumar then promised to marry Riti and said he will come back to India.

He arrived back in Hoshiarpur in January 2019 to marry Riti.

They got married on February 19, 2019, in a ceremony held at a temple in Himachal Pradesh.

They were getting along okay in the marriage until she fell pregnant. This is when things changed with him and her in-laws.

This is when her mother-in-law and aunt-in-law both started to pressure that she needs to have a son no matter what.

They are the ones that gave her the medication to drink regularly which resulted in her condition worsening and subsequently, her ending up in hospital for an abortion due to the complications from it all.

Police say that they are confident that the mother-in-law ‘Meena’ and aunt-in-law ‘Meena’ will be arrested soon.

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