Gohar Rasheed admits being ‘Betrayed’ in Love

Gohar Rasheed spoke about his time as an actor and admitted that he has experienced betrayal in love on more than one occasion.

Gohar Rasheed admits being 'Betrayed' in Love f

"we shouldn’t grant anyone permission to comment on us.”

Gohar Rasheed recently appeared on Momin Saqib’s talk show Hadh Kar Di and spoke about being betrayed in love on more than one occasion.

He stated: “Cheating in love is something that happens in life due to its natural ups and downs.”

Gohar also spoke about his lack of self-confidence in the early days of his career, and believed he was not attractive enough to be an actor.

He said: “I lacked the confidence to believe that I could be an actor.

“Back then, I didn’t consider myself conventionally attractive, and the industry often associates hero roles with fair complexions, striking eyes and a certain appearance.”

He went on to say he gained confidence as he began to work in theatre.

Gohar also mentioned that his friends told him to treat his facial blemishes and dark spots. Due to these remarks, he did not think of becoming an actor and decided to work behind the camera instead.

Gohar said: “Close friends and admirers advised me to undergo treatments for the dark spots and blemishes on my face, but I haven’t done so until today.”

Shedding light on a Facebook message, Gohar revealed:

“Once I received a message on Facebook from a fan who wrote that they also have marks on their face like mine, and they lack confidence just like I did.

“However, seeing me has given them confidence that they can achieve something too.

“The point is to understand here that we shouldn’t grant anyone permission to comment on us.”

Gohar is well known for his natural acting skills and has starred in serials such as Digest Writer, Ishqiya and Raaz-e-Ulfat.

In 2016, Gohar played Mikhail in the popular drama Mann Mayal, in which he was cast alongside Maya Ali.

He revealed that he received a lot of hate for his role as Mikhail whenever he went to the cinema.

“Before watching the film, some women were standing to take a selfie with me. One of them jokingly threatened that if I didn’t leave from there she would slap me.

“I thought she was joking, but another woman, in a serious tone, said that my role as Mannu’s antagonist in Mann Mayal was completely wrong, and we are very angry with you for portraying that.

“Either you leave from here or we will slap you.

“Realising the seriousness of the situation, I left the cinema without watching the film.”

Gohar Rasheed also spoke about his friendship with Kubra Khan.

“If you have a true friend, then you’re the richest person in the world. I am fortunate to have a great friend like Kubra Khan.

“For her happiness, I can do anything. Kubra is like family to me, and I can share all my sorrows and joys with her.”

In the past, it was rumoured that Gohar and Kubra were in a romantic relationship and that they were to be married.

However, Gohar Rasheed dismissed the rumours.

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