Javed Sheikh reveals ‘Losses’ due to Salma Agha

Javed Sheikh recently talked about his marriage to ex-wife Salma Agha, revealing that his career took a hit because of her.

What is Javed Sheikh's Biggest Regret f

"She made me leave the film."

Veteran actor Javed Sheikh expressed grief over his relationship with ex-wife Salma Agha, highlighting the impact of her decisions on his career. 

Javed discussed the numerous projects he lost due to his marriage to her.

He stated: “My marriage to Salma Agha was short-lived, lasting only three years, and it’s a complex story that I’ll share another time, as it’s a long and personal matter.”

Sheikh glossed over the events, including fights, and spoke about how Kabir Bedi replaced him as the lead opposite Rekha in Khoon Bhari Maang.

He shared: “I was in India doing Khoon Bhari Maang.

“I was selected as a hero. Rekha was the heroine.

“I was forcefully stopped, similar to how [I was replaced] by Izhar Qazi in Bangkok Kay Chor I was forcefully stopped and removed, and Kabir Bedi stepped in.”

“I was not greedy. Had I been greedy, I would have done that film and left Salma Agha. But there was no greed, nor was such a thought in my mind.

“I was married to Salma Agha and mostly, when she went to India, she asked me to go along with her.

“I’d be with her, sometimes in Madras, sometimes in Delhi.”

Javed Sheikh spoke about how, for a film like Bangkok Kay Chor, the unit would be in Bangkok waiting for him, with his arrival scheduled.

However, when he would say that he had to leave, he would not be allowed to do so.

He said he would be dismissed, with Salma apparently calling Pakistani films “bakwas”.

Javed added: “She made me leave the film.”

Recollecting other project-based losses, he admitted that he took quite a negative hit because of his turbulent relationship. 

Despite these setbacks, Javed Sheikh remains one of the most renowned figures in the Pakistani entertainment industry.

He has also made a notable impact in Indian cinema as well and has a massive fan following.

A user wrote: “So sad to hear that Javed Sheikh had to go through this. He’s such a talented actor!”

Another added:

“Salma Agha’s behaviours was completely unprofessional. You can’t treat people like that!”

One said: “I can’t believe she called Pakistani films ‘bakwas’! What a disgrace.”

Another commented: “Javed Sheikh is a legend and deserves so much better.

“He should have stood up for himself. Glad he didn’t stay with Salma. He would have missed so many opportunities because of her.”

One highlighted: “This is why we need to support our artists and stand up against bullying in the industry.”

Another wrote: “I’m shocked by Salma Agha’s behaviour. She was always known for her talent, but now her true colours are showing.”

Ayesha is a film and drama student who adores music, arts and fashion. Being highly ambitious, her motto for life is, "Even the Impossible spells I'm Possible"

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