Indian Man threw Friend on Railway Track to Marry Wife

An Indian man took extreme measures as he was desperate to marry his friend’s wife. He threw his friend onto a railway track.

Indian Man threw Friend on Railway Track to Marry Wife f

"he hatched a conspiracy to eliminate the deceased."

An Indian man identified as Gulkesh, aged 20, from Delhi, was arrested for murdering his friend.

The incident came to light when officers received information on the night of Monday, June 24, 2019.

They received a report that a body was lying on a railway track near Zakhira in Delhi. The victim was identified as 30-year-old Dalbir and was a friend of the suspect.

It was heard that Gulkesh was attracted to his friend’s wife and wanted to marry her. Therefore, he came up with a plan to murder him.

The police released a statement which read:

“Therefore, in order to get married to the wife of the man, he hatched a conspiracy to eliminate the deceased.”

On June 24, 2019, Gulkesh called Dalbir and took him to a railway track near Zakhira.

When he arrived, the suspect allegedly hit him over the head with a brick, which left him unconscious.

Gulkesh then dumped his friend’s body on the railway track with the intention of a train killing him.

After he committed the crime, Gulkesh called the police and said that the body of his friend was lying on the railway track.

Police officers arrived at the scene where they found severed legs on the track. They found the rest of the body approximately one kilometre from the spot.

He made up a story in an attempt to mislead the police. Gulkesh claimed that someone had murdered his friend and threw his body on the train track.

However, when Gulkesh was asked about the bloodstains on his clothes, he could not give a satisfactory explanation.

He was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning. Gulkesh eventually confessed to the murder.

DCP Monika Bhardwaj said:

“Later, Gulkesh confessed to the crime. He said he had called Dalbir on Monday evening and asked him to meet near the railway track.

“When they were walking near the track, Gulkesh hit Dalbir with a brick, leaving him unconscious.”

Another officer spoke about the interrogation:

“During interrogation, his mobile phone was checked and on the basis of call records, he broke down and disclosed that he had an illicit relationship with the wife of the deceased.

“He wanted to marry her, but the wife of the deceased was not willing to marry him although she also liked him.”

The Indian man was booked under the section of murder under the Indian Penal Code.

Police officers are investigating whether the victim’s wife or any other person was involved.

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