5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

Discover how five pioneering clinics are revolutionising IVF for British Asians, breaking stigma and offering tailored support and solutions.

5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

They also host a support group for South Asian women

When it comes to IVF, British Asians may face particular difficulties because of access constraints and cultural prejudices.

Nevertheless, despite these challenges, an increasing number of clinics are emerging as rays of hope, actively working to dispel the stigma associated with this process.

Using inventive methodologies and resolute commitment, these clinics are revolutionising the discourse around reproductive healthcare.

The focal point of their methods hones down to customised solutions and assistance to persons from varied backgrounds.

Let’s explore these five clinics leading the charge to dispel the myth about infertility among British Asians.

Manchester Fertility

5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

At Manchester Fertility, the team comprises warm and welcoming professionals with extensive experience in fertility treatment, spanning various departments.

Their collective dedication to providing exceptional patient care has established the clinic as one of the UK’s most trusted and award-winning fertility centres.

The fertility specialists, anaesthetists, nurses, lab technicians, ward staff, and supporting patient teams share a commitment to assisting individuals on their journey to parenthood.

Manchester Fertility offers donor eggs to individuals requiring them to conceive.

All donors are sourced from the UK, undergo rigorous screening by HFEA standards, and are fully identifiable to any offspring.

Despite efforts to encourage Asian women to donate eggs, there remains a shortage of donors from the Asian community.

Consequently, many Asian patients opt to proceed with treatment immediately using readily available Caucasian donor eggs.

Notably, almost half of the women utilising donor eggs achieve pregnancy due to the clinic’s advanced treatment techniques and innovations.

Continued appeals are made for Asian egg donors to address the demand for specific ethnic matches promptly.

For individuals seeking Asian donor sperm, the clinic currently offers Asian donor sperm without a waiting list.

ARGC Clinic

5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

The ARGC clinic has earned its place as one of the world’s premier IVF centres.

As reported by HFEA, the clinic has consistently achieved the UK’s highest success rates ‘per treatment cycle started’ for IVF and ICSI since 1995.

The clinic emphasises close monitoring of patients through blood tests and scans to detect subtle changes that may influence medication choices and treatment timing.

Acknowledging the variability of hormone levels in women’s cycles, regardless of regularity, ARGC avoids a one-size-fits-all approach.

Even if a patient has previously undergone successful IVF, their subsequent treatment may differ.

With no standardised protocol in place, the clinic operates seven days a week, with staff working tirelessly around the clock.

The clinic attributes its exceptional results to meticulous attention to detail, utilisation of cutting-edge technologies, continuous innovation, and the unwavering dedication of its staff. 

CREATE Fertility 

5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

CREATE Fertility takes great pride in its track record of assisting women with challenging conditions and complex medical histories, often turned away from other treatment centres.

Setting itself apart from conventional high-dose IVF, CREATE’s approach emphasises Mild and Natural IVF, with its medical and scientific leaders considered pioneers in the field.

Under the guidance of renowned expert Professor Geeta Nargund, the clinic’s fertility doctors, nurses, and embryologists receive specialised training.

This is to ensure the delivery of personalised, high-standard fertility treatments aimed at optimising success rates.

Prioritising the long-term health of both mother and baby, CREATE’s methodology focuses on reducing the burden, risks, and side effects associated with fertility treatment through lower drug doses.

The clinic’s reliance on advanced ultrasound technology forms the cornerstone of its approach, enabling tailored treatment plans for optimal results.

Professor Nargund, the award-winning Medical Director of CREATE Fertility, remains actively engaged in research aimed at advancing the accessibility and safety of IVF for women and children. 


5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

ABC IVF is driven by a mission to enhance the accessibility and affordability of IVF treatment across the UK.

The organisation firmly believes in equal access to fertility treatment for all individuals, thus establishing ABC IVF to provide high-quality care at an economical cost.

Drawing upon years of comprehensive review and assessment of IVF procedures and protocols, ABC IVF has devised an innovative and cost-effective approach to delivering IVF treatment.

As a subsidiary of CREATE Fertility, they grant patients access to state-of-the-art clinical facilities and extensive expertise.

Leveraging shared resources enables ABC IVF to offer IVF treatment at a reduced cost.

Distinguishing itself through its unique approach, ABC IVF has optimised the IVF treatment process, ensuring that patients undergo only the necessary appointments, tests, and scans.

This tailored approach contributes to the organisation’s exceptional success rates and positive patient feedback, all while maintaining affordability.

Fertility Network – South Asian Group

5 Clinics Tackling the IVF Stigma for British Asians

Fertility Network UK offers comprehensive support, guidance, and understanding to individuals grappling with fertility challenges, free of charge and without bias.

As the foremost patient-centred fertility charity nationwide, their services extend practical and emotional assistance to anyone affected by fertility issues.

They provide access to supportive resources and a community of individuals sharing similar experiences.

Their assistance spans various stages of the fertility journey, including:

  • Considerations about future fertility
  • Navigating parenthood aspirations
  • Coping with childlessness
  • Achieving success after fertility struggles
  • Accessing NHS-funded fertility treatment

Operating as a modest charity, Fertility Network UK tirelessly serves the 3.5 million individuals impacted by fertility difficulties, relying on grants and the benevolence of donors to sustain their vital work.

Championing patient advocacy, the organisation advocates for fair access to NHS fertility treatment across the UK.

They ensure that patients’ concerns are voiced to policymakers, politicians, and health authorities.

Moreover, their educational initiatives aim to raise awareness about the significance of fertility education in safeguarding future reproductive health.

They also host a support group for South Asian women experiencing fertility challenges, providing a platform for connection and peer support while ensuring privacy for members.

Being British Asian and having to deal with cultural taboos and expectations around fertility treatment may make the path to parenting unpredictable and difficult.

Notwithstanding these obstacles, a noteworthy advancement is the rise of clinics committed to dismantling barriers and offering individualised, inclusive care.

These clinics are changing lives and defying social conventions.

Regardless of background or circumstance, everyone should have the chance to fulfil their aspirations of becoming a parent.

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