Indian Railway Worker details Wife’s Affair in Suicide Note

An Indian railway worker from Uttar Pradesh wrote a suicide note, detailing that he would take his own life over his wife’s affair.

Indian Railway Worker details Wife's Affair in Suicide Note f

"but for me is a poisonous snake who ruined my life."

A potential suicide case has been forwarded to police after an Indian railway worker took to Facebook and posted a suicide note.

Alok Singh, a resident of Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh, uploaded the note on November 23, 2020, and said that his wife had been having an affair.

In the note, Alok invited his family and friends on November 21, 2020, as he said it would be the last time he saw them.

He explains that his wife should not marry another man as she would destroy him as well.

Alok said in the note: “I’d just wanted to urge to her that she should not marry another man after me, cause she’ll end up destroying him as well.

“That woman did not put any efforts into our marriage, and it felt like she was just killing time.”

He revealed that he was at the Nepal border. Alok went on to say that he has given all his money to beggars.

In the note, he stated that his wife was “characterless”.

“I don’t need anything, just needed a spouse who would be with me till the last, but she turned out to be characterless, who seems to be a good person from outside, but for me is a poisonous snake who ruined my life.

“After thinking about this over months, I’ve finally decided to end my life after I got to know that an honest person has no importance in this feminist and anti-male society.

“I’ve also resigned from the railway job before deciding to take this step.”

The Indian railway worker also alleged that his in-laws mentally harassed him.

He revealed that his wife was having an affair with her brother-in-law, Pawan Singh. She got pregnant but had an abortion.

Despite the three-year affair, Alok said that he still loves his wife and had been trying to reconcile their relationship for eight months.

He then recalled an incident where he was physically attacked by his wife.

“On the night of October 17, 2020, I was attacked by my wife at Raibareli station.

“It was also reported verbally to Superintendent Rakesh Kumar, station Master Bhupendra Srivastav, Yard Duty Guard R K Gupta, GRP/RPF Raibareli.

“I didn’t officially report the case even after I knew my wife and in-laws were behind it.

“I had a video of the incident, however, I thought of my wife’s reputation and decided of giving her a chance.”

“And my last eight months, I kept urging to her to break her relationship as I was ready to accept her. I loved her so much and hence didn’t want her to marry anybody else.

“I was emotionally attached and dependent on her. I felt so bad when I wanted to be with her but she always used to turn to her paramour.”

Alok alleged that his wife preferred to stay with her parents and considered her lover her husband.

“Though I was upset and angry over my situation, I never told anybody about this. My wife considered her brother-in-law as her husband, and that hurts me a lot.

“She said that she doesn’t have any reason to tell me why she got married to me.”

Alok concluded by saying that this was the reason why he would be taking the extreme step.

Social media users urged the Indian railway worker not to take his own life and also said that there were other solutions instead of suicide.

The matter has reportedly been sent to police, however, it is not known if a case has been registered.

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