Indian Wife commits suicide due to Husband’s Affair

In a tragic incident, an Indian wife from Chhattisgarh took her own life due to her husband’s illicit relationship with another woman.

Indian Wife commits suicide due to Husband's Affair - f

he said he had no intention of leaving his wife or his lover.

An Indian wife was found dead at her maternal home on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, having committed suicide.

The tragic incident took place in the Chhotapara area of Chhattisgarh.

A mobile phone revealed she had taken a photo of herself crying while police officers also discovered a suicide note.

In the note, the woman said she took her own life due to her husband’s affair.

The woman knew about the affair but when she found out that her husband planned to carry on seeing his lover whilst still being married pushed her to take the drastic step.

In the letter, she asked for her body to be handed to her family and also called for action to be taken against her husband and his lover.

The woman, identified as Priya Soni, had been married to a man named Saurabh since 2015.

During their marriage, he began an affair with a woman named Julie. Priya found out about the affair and told Saurabh to end it.

However, he said he had no intention of leaving his wife or his lover.

The revelation led Priya to take her own life. On the day of the incident, Priya was home alone. She took a scarf and used it to hang herself.

Her parents returned home and found their daughter’s body. They immediately called the police.

Officers took the body down and later found a suicide note. Her phone was analysed and they found a photo of the Indian wife crying. It is believed that she took the picture just before she died.

Priya’s father spoke to police and alleged that her husband and in-laws used to beat her.

The note stated: “Today I am committing suicide because of Saurabh and Julie. Because Saurabh is ruining my life.

“He is not leaving me or Julie and I cannot live like this.”

“Now I don’t want to live I will give my life today and after my death, my body is to be handed over to my parents. This is my last wish.

“After my death, action should be taken against Saurabh and Julie.”

The body was sent for a post-mortem. Police officers are continuing with their investigation though they are yet to arrest anyone.

In a similar incident, an engineer from Jharkhand took his own life.

Following his death, his father blamed his daughter-in-law. Jagdish Ram said that Sonali Devi constantly harassed his son for money and would threaten to leave him if she did not get what she wanted.

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