Indian Engineer commits Suicide & Parents blame his Wife

An Indian engineer from Jharkhand tragically took his own life. Following his death, his parents have put the blame on his wife.

Indian Engineer commits Suicide & Parents blame his Wife f

Sonali Devi constantly harassed him for money

An Indian engineer was found dead at his rented apartment on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, having committed suicide.

The man, Ranjit Kumar, was a resident of Jharkhand.

His father has alleged that his daughter-in-law is to blame for his son’s suicide. As a result of the allegations, police launched an investigation.

Santosh Kumar Mehta is a teacher at a local school. He said he saw Ranjit on the campus when it was the Holi celebrations.

On Monday, March 16, 2020, Ranjit had gone to Daltonganj. In the evening, he returned home.

The next day, Santosh went to visit Ranjit. He noticed that something was wrong when he saw newspapers from the past two days outside his home.

The door was also locked. Santosh then called the landlord Nagendra Singh. When the landlord knocked on the door, there was no response.

Ranjit’s father was then informed. On March 18, the three men went to the apartment and tried to open the door.

They then forced a window open and managed to get inside. However, there was a foul smell coming from the locked bedroom.

Nagendra immediately informed the police.

Police officers arrived at the scene and broke down the bedroom door. They found Ranjit’s body lying on the bed.

Officers stated that he had taken his own life but they do not know how until they receive the post-mortem results. They suspect that Ranjit may have committed suicide on the night of March 16.

Jagdish Ram, the father of the Indian engineer, blamed his son’s wife. He said that Sonali Devi constantly harassed him for money and would threaten to leave him if she did not get what she wanted.

Ranjit’s mother-in-law also used to harass him for money, according to Jagdish.

He said that the mother-in-law was in the Army so the pressure she put on Ranjit became intense.

The harassment allegedly stemmed from the fact that Sonali wanted to pursue a fashion design course in Goa but Ranjit did not want her moving far away.

The frequent disputes over money led to a counselling session with a panchayat.

It worked initially but Sonali soon started harassing him again for money.

Jagdish said that his son was an established Junior Engineer, however, the problems in his personal life led to him turning to alcohol.

One of Ranjit’s colleagues, Manoj Kumar, explained that he spoke with him about the matter.

He went on to say that the workplace had meetings every Tuesday and Friday and Ranjit would attend them. But, Ranjit failed to attend the last two meetings.

On March 15, Ranjit spoke to his elder brother Sanjay who advised him to return to his parent’s house for a while.

While Jagdish has made the accusations, the police have not yet made any arrests as they are still awaiting the results of the post-mortem.

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