Indian Wife commits Suicide & Husband makes Video

An Indian wife from Uttar Pradesh took her own life. However, what was more shocking was that her husband allegedly filmed the incident.

Indian Wife commits Suicide & Husband makes Video f

Govind allegedly filmed his wife as she took her own life.

In a shocking incident, an Indian wife committed suicide at her home and it was witnessed by her husband.

However, he did not try to stop her. Instead, he allegedly encouraged it and even took out his phone to film the incident as it unfolded.

The matter took place in the district of Budaun in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday, October 29, 2019.

The married couple’s maid filed a police complaint against the husband for filming the suicide. She also made a complaint against the deceased’s in-laws for demanding dowry.

Police have identified the deceased as Swati while the husband’s name is Govind.

According to the maid, the couple had only been married since May 2019.

A police investigation revealed that the short-lived marriage was an unhappy one.

Swati’s in-laws regularly demanded dowry. Their harassment for dowry eventually prompted the Indian wife to take her own life.

The maid alleged that Govind saw his wife with a rope around her neck and the ceiling fan.

But he did not try to stop her. Govind allegedly filmed his wife as she took her own life. According to the maid, he later shared the footage online.

Immediately after, the neighbours came to know that Swati had died but it was a mystery as to the cause of it.

When asked, Govind had told them that his wife died after suffering a heart attack.

However, the couple’s maid knew that Swati had taken her own life after spotting injury marks around her throat and on her hands.

She told officers what had happened and also explained that Govind had filmed the suicide.

The maid stated that she came to know about the video after hearing about footage of a suicide which had circulated online.

After taking the maid’s statement, a police case was registered against Govind and his family for their role in Swati’s suicide.

SSP Ashok Kumar explained that there was a suicide video circulating online and while he believes it was filmed by Govind, a thorough investigation will need to be conducted in order to prove it was him.

Despite registering a case, no arrests have been made as of yet.

SSP Kumar went on to say that action will be taken based on the content of the video as well as other evidence that they find during the investigation.

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