Indian Love Marriage Bride ‘kills herself’ over Dowry

Raj Kaur a recently married bride who had a love marriage has allegedly committed suicide according to her in-laws. But her parents are not convinced.

Indian Love Marriage Bride ‘kills herself’ over Dowry f

“They did say in the past ‘they would beat and kill her’."

An Indian woman from Punjab who recently had a love marriage committed suicide.

The victim known as Raj Kaur was married into a family residing in the village of Talwandi Sabo in the district Bathinda, Punjab.

Raj got married about six months ago to a man she wanted to spend her life with. But little did she know her life was going to totally change after the wedding.

Arguments, beatings, abuse and harassment started against her from her in-laws over dowry.

Her in-laws demanded she had not brought enough dowry and made her life difficult to live.

Raj’s parents are distraught by the loss of their daughter have filed a complaint against the in-laws.

Raj’s mother, Surinder Kaur, told media that they had married Raj to Gurlal Singh, a man she chose she wanted to marry.

However, soon after the marriage, they learnt that their daughter was having a difficult time at her in-laws in her marriage.

They found out she was the victim of systematic domestic violence and abuse.

They said that a few days before her death, they went to their daughter’s marital home and asked her to come with them.

But out of her own alleged shame and fear, due to her choice of a love marriage, she decided to stay and not come back with them.

Then, a few days later, Raj’s parents received a phone call from her in-laws saying that she had committed suicide.

Her parents are not fully convinced it was suicide and are suspicious of the in-laws and even her husband of murdering her.

Indian Love Marriage Bride ‘kills herself’ over Dowry - parents

Surinder Kaur, Raj’s mother said:

“We have no idea of what really has happened.”

“We have reported the case here at the police station.

“All we do know is that her in-laws use beat her.

“Her mother-in-law, her father-in-law and even her husband use to all physically abuse her.

“They did say in the past ‘they would beat and kill her’.

“We just want justice and as to what really happened to her.”

Police were called to the scene and they quickly took away Raj’s body.

Police officer Surinder Pal who was at the scene, said:

“Raj Kaur six months earlier got married Gurlal Singh son of Balvir Singh from the Bangi Galan (Talwandi Sabo).

“She married out of her own choice as a love marriage.

“The young woman passed away yesterday and her body has been sent for a postmortem.”

He added that police are carrying out a detailed and full investigation of the death of Raj Kaur and nothing can be ruled out.

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