Uzbek Girl abducted by Pakistani Driver found in Islamabad

An Uzbek girl named Yelena who was visiting Pakistan on a work visa was allegedly kidnapped by the driver of her employer.

Uzbek Girl abducted by Pakistani Driver found in Islamabad f

police led by Zeeshan Asghar launched a major search operation

The case of a traumatic alleged abduction of an Uzbek girl kidnapped by her employer’s driver from Lahore has been solved by Pakistani police officials.

The young woman known as Yelena came to Pakistan with a legal visa to work as a domestic helper in April 2019, together with her aunt, Regina.

She got a job working as a baby sitter for a Chinese employer known as ‘Lady Gaga’ at Double D 115 in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) located in the upscale neighbourhood of Lahore from May 26, 2019.

Yelena’s aunt, Regina, reported her missing after she had not come home after work from her employer’s residence on May 8, 2019, and she suspected that Lady Gaga’s driver, Sohail Ramzan, had kidnapped her.

In accordance with the police report, Yelena is married to a Pakistani man, named Muhammad Nisar.

It was alleged and feared by Yelena’s aunt that the driver’s intention to kidnap Yelena was to abuse her sexually or even kill her.

Regina feared the worst and vehemently appealed to authorities to take immediate action to find her niece.

Initially, SSP Investigation Dushanbe Asghar from Lahore police said that Yelena had not been abducted but had gone with the driver of her own free will.

However, after Regina’s aunt argued her case, police registered the case of abduction and commenced their investigation.

Inspector Mumtaz Nawaz then said that the driver of the employer has taken away Yelena and it was a case of abduction.

Then the police led by Zeeshan Asghar, launched a major search operation to find Yelena and arrest the driver.

Eventually, they tracked down Ramzan and found Yelena safe. They found her at a location in Islamabad with the driver.

Police then arrested the Ramzan and recused Yelena, the Uzbek national.

Police brought her back to Lahore, safely to her aunt and husband.

The driver has been remanded in custody as further investigation are conducted into the case of the alleged abduction.

In a similar incident, police in Islamabad recovered a German girl born in Pakistan, who was abducted in similar circumstances.

The woman had been allegedly kidnapped from Sector G-6 on May 12, 2019.

A police team from Aabpara police investigated the case and found the kidnappers and rescued the girl within a week.

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