Indian Man arrested for ‘sexually exploiting’ over 50 Women

Indian man Pradeesh Kumar has been arrested after he ‘sexually exploited’ over 50 women using a cunning plan and social media profiles on Facebook.

Indian Man arrested for 'sexually exploiting' over 50 Women f

he wanted to reach the target of 100 women by 2021

An Indian man, Pradeesh Kumar, aged 25 from Kerala, has been arrested by police after he had ‘sexually exploited’ 58 women using blackmail and threats.

The arrest took place on Friday, May 31, 2019, after one of his victim’s had reported the issue to police.

After an investigation into the complaint, police discovered that Pradeesh Kumar was indeed behind the crime of exploiting the women using a cunning plan.

Police explained how he blackmailed the women after the arrest.

Pradeesh who is from Areeparambu near Ettumanoor in Karela took advantage of the women by gaining their trust on social media chats.

Befriending the women, who were mainly married women, he managed to get their contact numbers. Then over time, he listened to their family problems, provided a sympathetic ear and developed close bonds with them.

Next, as part of his plan, he created fake Facebook profiles as women. He then used the profiles to develop cyber relationships on Facebook with the husbands of the housewives he contacted previously.

He took screenshots of the ‘illicit affair’ chats with the husbands and then forwarded the images to the housewives, convincing them that their husbands were not loyal and easily led to having affairs.

This was done to create a wedge between the wives and husbands. Gradually, the women began to distance themselves from their husbands as they began to believe Pradeesh more.

He then used this opportunity to execute the next stage of his plan which was to strengthen the relationships with the women building their trust more. To the point, where they were happy to video chat with him openly.

Pradeesh then saved the chats and allegedly created morphed obscene images of the women, which he then used to blackmail them. He threatened to send the images to their husbands and families.

The accused also threatened the victims by sending them morphed nude photos with him in them.

He began to sexually exploit the women and they had to do as told.

By this point, the women realised he had taken control of their lives and they had to fulfil his demands.

Pradeesh allegedly created a set of rules which the women needed to abide by, thus, setting up a ‘master’ environment with them.

He told the women that they should not cooperate with their husbands.

They must go to a place which he decides at a stated time.

They must answer his calls whenever or whatever time he calls and they must video chats with him the way he wants them to including sexual interactions.

To make sure he was talking to the woman that he set up a relationship with he gave each woman a special code to type when they chatted with him.

Also, he told the women to send him screenshots after they cleared the chat history every time.

Police say that the Indian man had told his 58th victim that he wanted to reach the target of 100 women by 2021.

District police chief Hari Sankar and his team arrested Pradeesh and remanded him in custody.

They found nude images of 58 women on his laptop and officers are investigating further to find out more about the victims.

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