Jonny Bairstow Drags Protestors in Second Ashes Test

After just one over, Jonny Bairstow took matters into his own hands after activists ran onto the field during the second Ashes test match.

Jonny Bairstow Drags Protestors in Second Ashes Test

"They have a long sentence awaiting them"

The second Ashes test match at Lord’s got off to a hectic start on June 28, 2023. 

Just Stop Oil protestors halted play after just one over with activists running onto the field with orange powder, submerging parts of the ground with the bright dust. 

In a jaw-dropping twist, England cricketer Jonny Bairstow took matters into his own hands and helped the security in removing the individuals. 

Amidst the chaos, as tensions soared, Bairstow, a former rugby league enthusiast, fearlessly charges toward one of the protesters, scooping him up and leading him off the pitch.

Meanwhile, stewards and staff swiftly intervene to handle another infiltrator, with vigilant eyes scanning the stands.

The disruption’s impact was not limited to the protesters alone.

Bairstow, momentarily absent from the field, returned after a brief intermission to change his tainted jersey.

As the match resumed, both teams were eager to regain their focus and push forward.

Jonny Bairstow Drags Protestors in Second Ashes Test

Social media went into a frenzy over the incident. Many saw the funny side of the protest. One tweet read:

“Lmao! So 3x people bought tickets to this match, armed themselves with orange powder paint, and invaded the pitch.

“Absolute idiots! Another example of losing money AND losing support for their cause at the same time! I have magic beans for sale for these clowns!”

Dave Adie also commented on Twitter:

“Some disruption…at least a 5 min delay…and 4 of those were laughter.”

Whilst another user, Vinnie, added: 

“They have a long sentence awaiting them and a ban from all sports grounds and any sporting event.”

The official Just Stop Oil Twitter account posted a video of the disruption: 


Following the incident, the Metropolitan Police apprehended three individuals, placing them in custody.

Guy Lavender, the esteemed chief executive of the Marylebone Cricket Club, condemned the audacious pitch incursion.

Former Australia captain Ricky Ponting empathises with the players, acknowledging the frustration caused by the untimely interruption.

Undeterred, he encouraged the batters to remain steadfast as they strive for victory on the pitch.

Jonny Bairstow Drags Protestors in Second Ashes Test

The Just Stop Oil movement, initially unaware of the protesters’ identities, expressed solidarity with their actions.

One of the protesters, Judit, a 69-year-old grandmother from Epsom, Surrey, spoke out passionately about her motivations, driven by concern for the future of her seven beloved grandchildren.

Her heartfelt plea resonates as she confronts the government’s decision to authorise new fossil fuel ventures against expert advice.

In a powerful statement on Twitter, Just Stop Oil highlighted the pitch invasion, emphasising the urgency for the British government to halt new fossil fuel projects.

They called upon Lord’s Cricket Ground to join their cause and make a resounding statement echoing their demands.

Jonny Bairstow Drags Protestors in Second Ashes Test

Surprisingly, despite the cricket venue’s commitment to 100% renewable energy, Just Stop Oil questions its association with JP Morgan, a leading fossil fuel financier.

The protest urged spectators to take to the streets and demand decisive action from the government to combat climate change.

The group provocatively questions how the nation can revel in the England vs Australia rivalry when the very world that fosters the sport is increasingly becoming inhospitable for humanity.

Responding to the disruption, Energy Secretary Grant Shapps firmly asserts that he will not surrender the nation’s economy and security to what he deems as anarchist stunts.

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