Indian Policewoman kills Herself after Engagement Breaks

An Indian policewoman from the state of Punjab took her own life after her engagement broke off and her wedding was subsequently cancelled.

Indian Policewoman kills Herself after Engagement Breaks f

the policewoman's lover began harassing her to call off the wedding

In a tragic incident, an Indian policewoman committed suicide after finding out that her engagement was broken off.

The incident happened on Thursday, November 14, 2019, in the city of Budhlada, Punjab.

The deceased was identified as Gagandeep Kaur, a constable posted at Budhlada Police Station.

She had consumed a poisonous substance after becoming upset over the end of her engagement. Gagandeep was taken to hospital where she later died.

It was reported that her fiancé was responsible for calling an end to their engagement.

After hearing of her death, the policewoman’s ex-lover also drank poison, fearing that the police would suspect him of being responsible for her suicide.

The Indian policewoman and her lover had got engaged sometime in July 2019 and their wedding was set for December 7, 2019.

Preparations for the wedding ceremony were underway and the venue had even been booked.

However, according to the deceased’s father Ranjit Singh, her fiancé began having second thoughts about their upcoming wedding.

He explained that the policewoman’s lover began harassing her to call off the wedding, allegedly saying that she would be happier as an unmarried woman as she was still young.

But Gagandeep refused to break up with him.

The lover made repeated attempts but was unsuccessful. This prompted him to explain his request to his parents.

Gagandeep’s soon-to-be in-laws called her and said that the engagement had been broken off and that the wedding would not be going ahead.

The news upset the Indian policewoman and left her troubled over her break-up. It led to her taking extreme action on November 14, 2019.

While on duty, she drank a poisonous substance. She later started feeling ill before collapsing at the police station.

Her colleagues rushed her to the hospital where she died. A post-mortem confirmed that poison was the cause of death.

Gagandeep’s ex-lover, Gurpreet Singh, heard the tragic news and soon feared that police would suspect him of being responsible for her suicide.

He, therefore, drank poison. Singh was taken to a hospital in Patiala where he remains in a critical condition.

After hearing Ranjit’s statement, a case was registered against Gurpreet.

Investigations are continuing in order to find out more about what led Gagandeep to take her own life.

Police are also looking to find out the real reason why Gurpreet called off their engagement but may only know if he recovers.

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