Violent and Shocking Fights erupt at UK Indian Wedding

Two shocking videos have emerged on social media showing violence taking place at allegedly the same Indian wedding in the UK.

Violent and Shocking Fights erupt at UK Indian Wedding f

The two videos display deplorable behaviour taking place

After an Indian wedding in Wolverhampton, UK, in October 2019 was completely ruined after a huge brawl, two videos have emerged on social media showing separate fights which look like they allegedly take place at the same wedding.

The location of the violence is yet to be known but it is clearly taking place at an Indian function with the same type of security present trying to intervene.

There is no doubt that this kind of behaviour is completely ruining what is meant to be a happy occasion especially for the bride and groom and their respective families.

The two videos display deplorable behaviour taking place between specific guests and the wedding with other people trying to stop the fights.

One video shows a fight between men at the wedding and the other video shows a brawl between women initially and then a man and a woman.

The videos have been posted on Facebook by the user Are You A Tharkan? Because I Want To Chak Your Phatteh.

Women’s Brawl

The first video shockingly shows a brawl amongst women.

Women are fighting at the door of the venue with some women behind the door inside and others outside. Hair-pulling and punches are being thrown with lots of grappling and shouting between the women.

A couple of men are trying to stop them, however, the fight then changes focus. One of the women in a cream salwar kameez outfit starts a physical altercation with one specific black-turbaned man.

Commentary in the video indicates the man is named ‘Giani’ who gets slapped by the woman on his face. This then leads to him shockingly getting violent towards the woman, who is first held by him and then slapped hard on her face twice.

She then grabbed by him by her arm as she tries to escape away until they both end up near the door and other guests. A woman stops him and he heatedly exchanges words with them and continues to drag her away from the fighting towards a car.

Watch the video of the shocking Women’s Brawl:

That commentary though ?

Posted by Are You A Tharkan? Because I Want To Chak Your Phatteh on Saturday, 16 November 2019

It is not clear from the end of the video what is the outcome between the two individuals.

Men’s Fight

The video depicting the fight between the men shows a rush of male guests coming towards two men.

One in a dark blue suit and another wearing a burgundy suit. Both of them fall onto a table which suddenly collapses and dishes smash and fall of it.

They are crowded by people towering over them and targeting them.

The blue-suited man is violently punched and hit by one specific man who wants to drag and pull him up to beat him more.

 A security guy is trying to stop the fight and a woman is seen trying to stop the burgundy-suited man from getting beaten up.

As the fight continues with lots of screaming and noise, the blue-suited man is then taken towards the left side by the attackers.

The man in the burgundy suit is left and a woman helps him get up.

The focus of the fight moves towards the blue-suited man, where punches are continued to be thrown at him.

Watch the video of the horrific Men’s Fight:

Another wedding, another fight, another families big day ruined ??????????

Posted by Are You A Tharkan? Because I Want To Chak Your Phatteh on Sunday, 17 November 2019

Such brawls at weddings which seem to escalate very quickly over some specific incident are distinctly tarnishing the image of British Indian society in the UK and completely ruining the event for the families and guests.

These videos show yet again of violent behaviour that needs to be addressed by the communities involved.

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