Indian Man declared ‘Dead’ by Police returns Home Alive

In a bizarre incident, an Indian man from Bihar had been declared dead by police. However, the man later returned home alive.

Indian Man declared 'Dead' by Police returns Home Alive f

The woman believed the officers and took away the body.

An Indian man returned to his home alive and well three months after he was declared dead by the police. The strange incident took place in Patna, Bihar.

The man, identified as Krishna Manjhi, was declared dead after he was beaten by a mob. Twenty-three people were imprisoned as a result.

Krishna’s wife alleged that officers from Patna Police Station showed her a dead body and told her it was her husband, despite not clearly showing her his face.

The woman believed the officers and took away the body.

She took out a loan so that she could pay for a Shraddha (ceremony for the dead). The woman also sold various household items to help pay for the ceremony.

But three months after his supposed death, Krishna returned home alive.

In relation to the mob attack, a charge sheet was supposed to have been written as the suspects had remained in custody, but it was revealed that the document had not been completed.

No charge sheet means that the police investigation had not officially concluded.

The accused, who were imprisoned, are still under investigation. Three of the suspects were released on bail.

Patna High Court lawyer Prabhat Bhardwaj explained that a charge sheet is required within three months after arrests have been made.

He went on to say that as there is no charge sheet, the investigation was not completed. This means that the suspects will be released on bail.

Mr Bhardwaj said that a case of negligence should be registered against the police.

SHO Deepak Kumar claimed that the Indian man had his name tattooed on his hands, but it was not mentioned in the investigation and later found not to be true.

It is believed that officers wanted to avoid conducting a full investigation so they handed over the body and arrested the accused so it would appear that the case had been settled.

CCTV footage of the incident has led to officers being criticised. Officers watched the footage of Krishna being assaulted by a mob who suspected him of abducting a child.

Officers also received a photo of Krishna undergoing treatment at a hospital.

Police officers from Naubatpur Police Station have taken action and have reprimanded SHO Kumar. Following the alleged negligence, SHO Kumar will take Krishna’s statement on November 18, 2019.

Krishna revealed that after he recovered, he went out to work. He also admitted that the matter has left him confused.

Inspector-General Sanjay Singh and Superintendent Kumar Abhinav are investigating the police matter.

They have stated that action will be taken against SHO Kumar and officer Ranjit Kumar if they find that they were negligent.

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