Indian Girlfriend killed Boyfriend due to Refusing Marriage

In a shocking incident, an Indian girlfriend killed her boyfriend after he refused marriage. The incident happened in Jharkhand.

Indian Girlfriend killed Boyfriend due to Refusing Marriage f

Mukesh wanted to elope with his lover after her father found out.

An investigation has revealed that an Indian girlfriend and her female family members killed her boyfriend as he refused marriage.

The victim’s body was discovered by locals on the morning of November 16, 2019, in the village of Badhar, Jharkhand.

On hearing the news, others made their way to the area where they gathered around. The incident was later reported to the police.

Some locals identified the victim as 20-year-old Mukesh Kumar. His family were soon informed.

Family members arrived at the scene where they broke down after seeing Mukesh’s body.

The incident made the villagers think about what might have happened. While some believed he was killed there, others suspected that Mukesh was murdered somewhere else and his body was dumped at the scene.

Police arrived at the area and took away the body. Mukesh’s family were questioned but it was his father, Bhikhari Yadav, who explained what may have led to his son’s death.

He revealed that his family used to live in Ranchi. During that time, his family became friends with Shivdular Yadav’s family.

Shivdular’s daughter befriended Mukesh and they soon got into a relationship.

Their attraction grew but when Shivdular found out, the friendship between the two families ended.

Bhikhari explained that he had known about his son’s relationship and urged the police to search Shivdular’s house. He insisted that they would find the murder weapons and the killers.

Initially, officers were not convinced by Bhikhari’s allegations but he explained his son’s love affair in detail and revealed that Mukesh wanted to elope with his lover after her father found out.

DSP KK Singh and officer Manoj Kumar led a team to search Shivdular’s house. They later found bloodstains on one of the walls.

Inside the house, officers discovered a rope and several sharp weapons.

Officers were certain that Shivdular and the male family members were involved. However, questioning revealed that the women were responsible, including the Indian girlfriend.

The women explained that Mukesh had entered the house late at night and went into his girlfriend’s room.

It was revealed that Shivdular found out about their affair, Mukesh would insist on eloping with the young woman but would later refuse to marry her.

Inside the room, Mukesh told his lover that they will elope. But his girlfriend did not believe him and claimed his marriage refusals were due to him cheating on her.

Their conversation turned into an argument and the female relatives entered the woman’s room after hearing their voices.

The confrontation took a turn when the women grabbed Mukesh and tied him up using a rope.

They beat him with a metal pot before stabbing him numerous times, killing him. His body was later dumped.

After hearing the girlfriend and her relative’s confessions, officers arrested them and took them into custody.

DSP Singh was briefly confronted by Shivdular’s family but he calmed the situation down.

Mukesh’s body was sent for a post-mortem while investigations were ongoing.

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