Indian Man smashes Girlfriend’s Head over her ‘Character’

An Indian man was arrested for smashing his girlfriend’s head. Ashraf Sheikh committed the violent act as he was suspicious of her “character”.

Indian Man smashes Girlfriend's Head over her 'Character' f

Sheikh became one of the main suspects as he was seen in several pictures

Indian man Ashraf Sheikh, of Nagpur, Maharashtra, was arrested for murdering his 19-year-old girlfriend who was an aspiring model.

It is believed he killed Khushi Parihar as he suspected her “character”. Her body was found on Saturday, July 13, 2019, along the Pandhurna and Nagpur highway.

She was found with her head and face smashed. Police identified her through social media.

Khushi had participated in several fashion shows in the city and was aspiring to become a model.

Officers at Kelvad Police Station registered a case of murder and launched an investigation. Destroying evidence was another offence that was registered in the case.

The victim’s body was discovered in a ditch by the road by a passer-by. The witness contacted the police and they quickly arrived at the scene.

Police officers determined that the victim was from an urban area by looking at the clothes. Officers soon started checking missing reports at nearby police stations.

They found three tattoos on the body. The first tattoo read “Khushi” on the back, a picture of a crown with “queen” was found on her chest. One of her hands had the word “Ashu”.

The tattoos proved to be the main way of identifying the victim. One person told the police that it could be Khushi Parihar as she had not been seen for almost a day.

Officers looked at her pictures on social media and confirmed that it was her body as a result of the tattoos.

Sheikh became one of the main suspects as he was seen in several pictures with Khushi.

Kelvad police worked with officers from Gittikhadan Police Station to arrest Sheikh.

When he was arrested, officers discovered that he was the son of an alleged drug dealer.

Sheikh initially tried to mislead officers by claiming that he last met Khushi at 9 pm on July 12, 2019. However, when their mobile locations were checked, they found that they were together late into the night.

The Indian man later confessed to the murder according to police officials. Sheikh said he killed her because he suspected her character.

He explained that he and Khushi had gone out for food and drinks. They then went to Pandhurna where they had an argument over Khushi’s close friendships with other men.

Sheikh became enraged and later killed her by smashing her head near the highway and dumping her body.

The Times of India reported that Sheikh also told the police that they were set to get married in 10 days.

They had rented a flat in Gittikhadan and Sheikh said that he bought her a new phone and car.

Sheikh was booked for murder and remanded in custody. Police are investigating other possible angles in the case.

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