100-foot Pipe Smashes into Moving Bus & Kills Two

A tragic accident happened in Rajasthan when a 100-foot pipe smashed through the window of a moving bus and killed two passengers.

100-foot Pipe Smashes into Moving Bus & Kills Two f

As the pipe was being lifted, it lost balance

A major accident took place in Jaipur, Rajasthan, on December 1, 2020, when a 100-foot pipe smashed through the window of a moving bus, killing two passengers.

Eleven other passengers on the bus were injured.

There is construction ongoing for an underground gas pipeline near the Jaipur-Ahmedabad NH-162 road in Pali district.

The accident has been attributed to the negligence of the construction company and its employees as well as the bus driver.

The accident occurred as the company’s construction team were lifting the pipe from the hydraulic machine and putting it in the pit.

As the pipe was being lifted, it lost balance and started swinging.

The pipe went through the driver’s passenger side window of a private travel bus which had been passing.

Two passengers were killed in the accident. One woman had her neck severed while a young man suffered fatal head injuries.

The police have had the bodies moved to a mortuary, while they contacted the families of the deceased.

During their initial investigation, police have determined that the accident occurred due to the negligence of the company.

This is because it is not possible to control a 100-foot pipe just by lifting it with a hydraulic machine.

The company was also required to make safety precautionary arrangements in case of accidents. However, the safety arrangements were missing on the day of the incident.

In addition, no blockades had been placed in order to stop traffic on the road while construction took place.

The employees of the company in charge of the construction had taken no initiative to redirect traffic before the accident either.

A company from Noida, MG Gold Private Limited was in charge of laying the gas pipeline.

Following the investigation, the police have confiscated their equipment and asked their manager to come in for further questioning on the case.

Anil Pandey, Area Manager of MG Gold Private Limited, has attributed the accident to the driver of the bus, saying:

“In the accident, the driver is the culprit, he was speeding down the road and did not even see the equipment being handled.

“He caused the pole to go swinging, and did not notice it until it smashed through his window.”

The police have not yet made any arrests on the case, and are still conducting a thorough investigation.

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