Two Friends raped Girl in Moving Car in Punjab

Two men have been arrested for the rape of a student girl in a moving car who they were taking to Chandigargh. A Facebook friend then raped her again.

Two Friends raped Girl in Moving Car in Punjab f

the three men offered the girl a lift

In an atrocious incident in Punjab, a young girl from Amritsar was forced to experience rape in a moving car and then again when she met a Facebook friend.

According to police, Sandeep Singh Rinku from Ratan Heri with his two friends, Manpreet Singh and Lucky went on an evening trip to Amritsar on April 14, 2019.

In Amritsar, they came across the student girl originating from Jalandhar.

During their conversation with her, she mentioned to them that she needed to go to Chandigarh but she had no money or the resources to get there.

Taking advantage of her vulnerability and pre-meditating their intent, the three men offered the girl a lift to take her to Chandigarh.

On their journey giving the victim a lift, they drove to Khanna.

There, the three men got into a disagreement where Sandeep Rinku told Manpreet and Lucky not to harm or do anything to the girl passenger.

However, Manpreet and Lucky told Sandeep to give the car keys to them and that one of them will drive.

They drove Sandeep back to his village in Ratan Hari in Khanna and left him there.

With the girl still in the car, Manpreet and Lucky drove towards Khanna city. As they drove around, each of them took it in turns to sexually assault and rape the girl in the car through the night.

After a gruelling sexual ordeal at the hands of the two men, the victim then was dropped off the girl at the bus stop and made her get onto a bus going to Chandigarh.

Then after reaching Chandigarh, the victim went through a second traumatic sexual assault.

Her Facebook friend, Gurpreet Singh Vassi, originally from Ludhiana, living in Mohali, met up with her.

However, instead of consoling the victim after the horrific night she had endured he too raped her.

Police eventually caught up with the culprit Gurpreet after the victim reported the sexual attacks on her.

Under intense interrogation, Gurpreet gave police the full story.

Immediately, police registered complaint reports under section 120 of the Indian Penal Code against Gurpreet Singh Vassi, Manpreet Singh and Lucky from Khanna, and Sandeep Singh Rinku.

Mohali police then acted quickly. On Friday, April 19, 2019, they raided the premises of Sandeep Singh Rinku in Ratan Hari at 3.00 am in the morning.

Sandeep was arrested and taken into custody.

Supported by Khanna police, Manpreet Singh and Lucky were also arrested and remanded in custody.

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