Indian Girl killed by Family in Moving Car over Love Affair

Whilst in a moving car, a young Indian woman was murdered by her family over her relationship that they disapproved of.

Indian Girl killed by Family in Moving Car over Love Affair f


They ended up dumping her body 80 kilometres away

In an honour killing case, police launched an investigation after a young woman was kidnapped and later murdered by her family.

It is believed it was because she was in a relationship with a man whom they disapproved of.

The murder happened in the village of Harpur in Bhagwanpur, Uttarakhand.

The victim was identified as Soni Kumari.

She and her lover had run away together on two occasions.

With both attempts in vain, her father Manoj Singh, his wife, son and village leader Rajiv Kumar conspired to murder her.

On the night of October 21, 2022, the young woman was forced into a car by her family members. Whilst in the car, Soni was strangled to death.

They ended up dumping her body 80 kilometres away from her home in a bid to avoid detection.

However, a passerby spotted them and informed the police.

Police turned up at the scene and launched an investigation. Meanwhile, Singh and Kumar also travelled to the crime scene to keep an eye on the situation.

The police eventually caught Soni Kumari’s father and Rajiv Kumar acting suspicious.

When police approached them, Singh fled on a bike. Meanwhile, the village leader was caught and brought in for further questioning.

At this stage of the investigation, the truth of the murder case was revealed.

Kumar told police that after the murder had taken place, he had come along with the girl’s father Manoj Singh to keep a watch on the police activity.

As suspicions heightened, Singh immediately fled the scene.

Kumar went on to describe how Soni Kumari was forced into a car and murdered.

The police have now also detained Soni Kumari’s brother and mother.

Whilst the police have arrested Rajiv Kumar, Kumari’s brother and their mother Ranju Devi, the victim’s father still remains at large.

The vehicle used in the kidnapping and murder belonged to Golu Kumar.

When questioned, Mr Kumar was unaware of the happenings inside his car. Despite this, he was arrested as an accomplice.

Officer-in-charge at Bhagwanpur Police Station, Paramhans Kumar, explained that Soni was a resident of Chhapra, in Bihar.

Soni was in a relationship with a man living in the same village.

Her family knew about the relationship and were against it as they believed they would receive slander from the rest of the community.

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