Indian Brother killed Elder Sister in Public for Love Affair

In a horrific case, an Indian brother from Gujarat killed his elder sister in the street after he found out about her love affair.

Indian Brother killed Elder Sister in Public for Love Affair f

Narubha did not approve of the relationship.

An Indian brother was arrested after he violently murdered his elder sister in the street.

The horrific incident happened during the afternoon of March 16, 2021, in the village of Baroi, Gujarat.

It was revealed that the brother hacked his sister to death with a large knife.

But after the killing, the brother did not flee. Instead, he loitered in the area whilst holding the knife.

Locals were shocked when they saw the young woman’s body. They shouted at the perpetrator to stop.

Meanwhile, the brother repeatedly stated that his sister had a love affair, therefore, he killed her.

Police were informed of the news and quickly arrived at the scene. Officers arrested the man.

The victim was identified as Reena while her brother’s name was Narubha.

It was reported that Reena had a love affair with a man.

However, 21-year-old Narubha did not approve of the relationship. As a result, he would frequently get angry with his sister.

On numerous occasions, he told his elder sister to end the relationship but she refused.

The Indian brother also threatened her several times in a bid to convince her to split up with her lover.

Despite his attempts, Reena continued with her love affair.

This enraged Narubha and it drove him to take extreme action.

On the day of the incident, Reena was walking down the street when Narubha chased after her.

He stopped his sister before brandishing a knife. The young man then attacked his sister in the middle of the road.

The violent attack resulted in his sister falling to the ground, covered in blood. She reportedly groaned in agony before dying of her injuries shortly after.

Meanwhile, her brother stood near the body, holding the knife.

According to reports, many locals had witnessed the aftermath of the incident. Some people even filmed Narubha as he walked around his sister’s body.

Children had been playing outside, however, upon seeing the dead body, elders told them to go inside.

One local shouted at Narubha to stand there in an attempt to stop him from fleeing.

In response, he stated that he would stand there until the police arrived.

He then repeatedly explained that he killed his sister due to her being in a relationship that he did not approve of.

Police soon arrived and arrested Narubha.

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