Indian Mother marries Daughter’s Husband’s Elder Brother

In a very odd marital union, an Indian mother from Punjab fell in love and got married to her daughter’s husband’s elder brother.

Indian Mother marries Daughter's Husband's elder Brother ft

The brother felt the same way towards the Indian mother

There have been odd marital unions and one of the most strange marriages has emerged out of Pathankot City, Punjab, where an Indian mother married the elder brother of her daughter’s husband. Her daughter’s brother-in-law.

In the modern-day, the likes of Facebook and WhatsApp play a big part in life and that even includes future marriages.

In this case, social media created a turn of events which eventually led to such a marriage taking place.

It started when a 21-year-old man from Gurdaspur sent a friend request to an 18-year-old girl on Facebook and the two began chatting.

Over time, they got into a relationship and eventually got married sometime in April 2019.

Meanwhile, the girl’s 37-year-old mother became attracted to her son-in-law’s elder brother, aged 22. She regularly saw him as he worked in Pathankot.

The brother felt the same way towards the Indian mother and the two planned to get married.

The woman divorced her husband in order to get married for the second time and on October 2, 2019, she married her son-in-law’s brother, who is 15 years younger than her, in the Indian village of Malikpur.

It was a wedding which took place in secret and it only came to light when the woman arrived at the home where her daughter was now living.

She was shocked to see her mother with her husband’s brother.

The matter came to light on October 14, 2019. Both sets of families opposed the marriage as it resulted in the elder brother becoming the girl’s stepfather as well as her brother-in-law.

It has also resulted in the man becoming his younger brother’s father-in-law.

Despite protests from both families, the woman and her new husband wanted to stay married.

Both of them went to court in order to seek protection from their families.

The woman’s petition for protection is to be heard on October 31, 2019.

The woman is living with her new husband but things are tense between the families.

When SSP Deepak Hillary was asked about the matter, he explained that the complainant filed the petition directly in court.

He went on to say that the police will take action based on the orders from the court.

In terms of marriages, this is one of the most confusing. However, chaotic wedding incidents are common in India.

One case involved a judge who was accused of marrying another woman without divorcing his first wife.

This led to the wife and members of her family gathering outside his house in Haryana and shouting the allegations against him.

This resulted in a crowd surrounding the house for almost 10 hours.

The woman had been married to him since 2012, however, he allegedly began harassing her in 2015 and this led to him filing a court petition for a divorce.

But the judge did not go through with the divorce and instead married another woman.

Police monitored the crowd situation. They decided to take action when they felt the situation was getting out of control.

Officers managed to disperse the crowd and arrested the woman and her family members.

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