US Woman went to India & finds Boyfriend is Married

A US woman travelled to India to meet her boyfriend, however, she was shocked to discover that he was already married to another woman.

US Woman came to India & finds Boyfriend is Married f

"He looked at his phone, he's like 'oh s***'."

A US woman discovered that her boyfriend was already married shortly after she had landed in India to meet him.

Sixty-year-old Jenny from Palm Springs, California, left her life in the United States to be with her boyfriend Sumit who she had been speaking to for several years.

She moved to India in the hope that she would be with him, however, she soon found out that he was married and had been for two years.

Jenny now regrets moving to India. Even though she feels that Sumit genuinely loves her, he did not tell her the truth until she gave up her life in America.

A few days after the discovery, Jenny told Sumit:

“I trusted you and I came to India.”

She went on to say: “I had a job, I had a car, had an apartment, had furniture. I had everything in America. What am I going back to now?”

US Woman came to India & finds Boyfriend is Married - sumit

When Jenny found out about Sumit’s marriage, she described to Married At First Sight Unfiltered as it being a “nightmare and you wake up and it’s true”.

She explained that Sumit had just come to visit her at her apartment in India when his phone started ringing.

“He looked at his phone, he’s like ‘oh s***’.

“Who’s calling you, he went out the door and said ‘Jenny lock the door’. I was thinking maybe his father was down, they found us, that’s what I was thinking.

“Two minutes later there was a knock on my door, I opened it and there was a man standing there with Sumit.

“He said ‘hello Jenny how are you, I’m Sumit’s wife’s father, he’s married to my daughter for the last two years’.”

The revelation confused Jenny as she did not know what to do.

“Why did he marry somebody if he loves me if he was telling me he loved me all these years every single day.”

Sumit’s father-in-law then told Jenny that the entire family was on their way to meet her.

Her confusion soon turned to fear as she did not know what they were going to do but she suspected that they would be angry about her relationship with Sumit.

Shortly after running to her bedroom, Jenny explained that she heard a “crash” from her living room. She ran back in to find Sumit’s entire family there including his wife.

US Woman came to India & finds Boyfriend is Married - upset

She described Sumit standing in a fight stance while his cousin was holding him back.

Jenny tried to grab Sumit but his mother grabbed him and gave Jenny a look like “if looks could kill I probably would have dropped dead at that moment”.

The US woman went to say that the family threatened to file a police complaint against Sumit. The family then said they were going to file a complaint against Jenny for living with a married man.

She tearfully recalled: “They asked him ‘do you love Jenny?’ and he said yes in front of everyone.”

Sumit’s father-in-law filed a complaint and took his documents such as his passport before the family left with Sumit, leaving a frightened Jenny alone in the apartment.

Following the tense situation, Jenny and Sumit met with each other where she told him that she sacrificed everything to be with him.

Although he said he loves her, Sumit revealed that his family will not allow him to divorce his wife.

US Woman came to India & finds Boyfriend is Married - couple

Jenny explained that she does not want to leave India but the situation has left her no choice.

“I basically spent all of my savings coming to India to be with Sumit and now I’m flying back to America with what money I have left.

“Now I’m going back to nothing and having to start all over again.”

The US woman added: “If I would have known Sumit was married, I wouldn’t have come to India.”

Watch the Conversation between Jenny and Sumit


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