Pakistani Woman finds Indian Lover playing PUBG

A Pakistani woman found love with an Indian man through their love for PUBG. She then took desperate steps to be with him.

Pakistani Woman finds Indian Lover playing PUBG f

Her entry into India was facilitated by obtaining Nepalese visas

A Pakistani woman found love with an Indian man through PUBG and subsequently entered India illegally with her four children to be with him.

Seema Haider met Sachin on the popular game and they began speaking to each other.

They soon fell in love and Seema expressed her desire to be with him.

The 27-year-old, along with her four children, set off on a journey from their home in Karachi.

They boarded a flight to Dubai. From there, they took a connecting flight to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Seema and her children crossed the border into India and took a bus to Greater Noida, where Sachin lived.

The lovers and the children then lived together in a rented apartment in Rabupura.

Police eventually received information that a Pakistani woman was living in Greater Noida illegally.

Brijesh, who owned the apartment where the couple lived, told police that they had rented the apartment in May 2023.

Admitting he did not realise the woman was from Pakistan, Brijesh told officers:

“It did not seem like the woman was from Pakistan. She wore salwar suits and sarees.”

The lovers were caught travelling on a bus bound for Ballabhgarh, Haryana.

They were brought back to Noida for questioning. During interrogation, Seema revealed that she sold her parents’ house for Rs. 12 Lakh (£3,300) to fund her journey to India.

Her entry into India was facilitated by obtaining Nepalese visas for herself and her children.

A combination of her lies and her children helped her evade scrutiny from border officials.

Sachin had arranged a separate rented house for Seema and told the landlord she was his wife.

Their love story came to light when a lawyer tipped off police.

Seema had approached a lawyer in Bulandshahr to inquire about the process of getting married in India. The lawyer shared that Seema expressed her desire to marry a man named Sachin.

Their conversation ended after the lawyer asked Seema about her Indian visa status.

Suspicious of her, the lawyer had an associate follow Seema and her children.

Upon discovering that they were residing in a house in Rabupura, the lawyer promptly alerted the police about the situation.

According to the lawyer and police, Seema said she was a victim of domestic abuse in Pakistan.

She claimed she was married to a Pakistani national working in Saudi Arabia.

The Pakistani woman said he would physically abuse her, even for minor reasons. She added that she has not seen him for four years.

Police have now detained Seema, Sachin and her four children.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Greater Noida) Saad Miya Khan said:

“The Pakistani woman and the local man have been detained. The woman’s four children are also in police custody.”

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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