Pakistani Teen kills Family after being banned from PUBG

In a shocking incident, a Pakistani teenager killed four members of his family in anger after they banned him from playing PUBG.

Pakistani Teen kills Family after being banned from PUBG f

"He opened fire at his mother and three siblings."

A Pakistani teenager was arrested after he killed four members of his family.

The shocking incident happened at the family home in Lahore.

It was reported that the perpetrator was a gaming addict and he killed his mother and three siblings when they stopped him from playing PUBG.

On January 19, 2022, the bodies of Dr Naheed Mubarak, her son Taimur and her two daughters Mahnoor and Jannat.

They all had been shot dead.

Neighbours were left shocked by the quadruple murder.

One woman who lived in the apartment below the victims said:

“Naheed was strict with her children. However, Jannat was her favourite child. Jannat happened to be her adopted daughter.”

The woman went on to say that she found out about the adoption on the day of the murders.

She claimed that Dr Mubarak had told her son Zain to start the car as they had to go somewhere urgently.

But when she did not show up, Zain went into the room where his mother was.

Initially, police suspected that a group of men entered the house and committed the murders.

However, a thorough investigation determined that Zain was responsible.

Police explained that he was a gaming addict and it used to frustrate his family. As a result, they would ban him from playing.

On the day of the murders, his family stopped him from playing.

In a fit of anger, he grabbed his mother’s pistol and shot the four family members at point-blank range.

A senior police officer said the Pakistani teenager “lost his senses” after he missed a target after playing the game for hours.

He then got hold of his mother’s pistol and went to her room where she was asleep along with her other children.

The investigation officer said: “He opened fire at his mother and three siblings. He had been misleading the police the entire time.”

Police have arrested the teenager and registered an FIR under sections of murder.

The Punjab Police are now set to approach the federal government, requesting them to ban PUBG.

In a statement, Punjab Police said:

“The murder of a mother and her three children has been solved.

“The accused killed his mother, sisters and brother with his mother’s pistol in the house. Punjab Police decides to recommend to Provincial and Federal Government to ban dangerous game (PUBG).”

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