Indian Teen kills Himself on WhatsApp Video Call to Girlfriend

An Indian teen has shot himself during a WhatsApp video call to his girlfriend. Police are investigating whether the death was accidental or intended.

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"She tried her best to convince and pacify him but he took the extreme step and ended his life."

An Indian teen has tragically shot himself whilst having a video call via WhatsApp to his girlfriend. Identified as 19-year-old Akash Kumar, also known as Bunty, the incident happened on 29th January 2018.

Akash had reportedly asked his girlfriend to answer his WhatsApp video call from his home in Patna.

Their conversation turned to their relationship, where the girl asked for more time to convince her parents about them getting married. From this point, the teenager began to make threats to take his life.

His girlfriend attempted to convince him not to end his life. She also contacted his cousin, named as Chandan Kumar, who went to the 19-year-old’s home. However, reports claim that Akash was dead by the time he arrived.

An Indian police spokesperson confirmed this, saying:

“Chandan somehow gained entry through the terrace at 5am, after which the police were informed.” They are now investigating whether the death was accidental or if Akash did intend to shoot himself.

Ramakant Prasad, Deputy Superintendent of Police also added to Hindustan Times:

“When we recovered Bunty’s cell phone and checked, we were shocked to discover that he was video chatting with his girlfriend live as he shot himself.”

The officer also explained she has confirmed they had an argument prior to his death:

“She tried her best to convince and pacify him but he took the extreme step and ended his life.”

Reports also add that he had recently failed on a test and became pressured to end his relationship. This came from both sets of parents – at one point, the girl’s family had allegedly told Akash off about their relationship.

Akash’s father, Sanjay, was keen for him to marry soon, despite also wanting his son to leave the girl. The relatives of the 19-year-old had lodged an FIR against the 19-year-old’s girlfriend and her family.

Sanjay had also requested a murder investigation. However, police dismissed this as Akash’s bedroom door had been locked from the inside.

This marks as the second case where an individual has taken their own life in India. Back in 2015, a college student from Patna live-streamed himself as he ended his life.

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