Unhappy Indian Husband kills Wife, Children & Himself

An Indian husband from Uttar Pradesh murdered his wife and children before killing himself. It is believed he was unhappy.

Unhappy Indian Husband kills Wife, Children & Himself f

"he got drunk, killed his family and then himself."

An Indian husband, his wife and their two children were found dead at their apartment in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, on Friday, February 28, 2020.

It is believed that the man strangled his wife and children to death. He then used his wife’s dupatta to hang himself.

The man, Dheeraj Tyagi, lived with his wife Kajal and their children, Ekta and Dhruv, in an apartment in Sahibabad. Dheeraj worked at a welding shop in the city.

When their bodies were found, the police were informed. Officers arrived at the scene and discovered a suicide note. The note implied that Dheeraj was unhappy with his wife as she would speak to men on the phone.

The message was written on a wall next to photographs of Kajal and Ekta. It read:

“I, Dheeraj, loved Kajal a lot, but she would speak to men on the phone.”

Next to the note was a heart which had been drawn on. An arrow pierced the heart alongside the letters ‘D’ and ‘K’. Four phone numbers were also there, reportedly belonging to the “men Kajal would speak to”.

Police also discovered an almost empty bottle of rum on the floor.

One officer said: “It’s possible that he got drunk, killed his family and then himself.”

According to the landlady, the Indian husband and his friend Bheem would go to work together at 9 am each day.

Landlady Kaushalya explained: “When Bheem got here on Friday morning and called him outside the house, there was no response.

“He called Dheeraj on the phone and got no response again. He went upstairs and knocked.

“When there was no response again, he managed to prise open a window and get in.

“He found Dheeraj hanging and the bodies of the others on the bed.”

Bheem told Kaushalya who then informed the police.

Kaushalya added: “They had to break the door open to gain entry. Just yesterday night, I had seen Dheeraj return from work with dinner he had bought for the family.”

She said that she did not hear anything and Dheeraj’s neighbour had been away.

It is believed there were other issues as well as Kajal’s conversations with other men. Their son Dhruv had been sick and was undergoing treatment at Delhi Hospital.

The treatment was expensive and Dheeraj had taken out a loan but failed to repay it.

He previously purchased land and had it registered in Kajal’s name. Dheeraj planned to sell it so that he could pay off the loan.

Dheeraj allegedly suspected that Kajal’s brothers were trying to obtain the land.

The suicide note also stated: “At the root of all this are Kajal’s brothers.”

A post-mortem will determine the causes of death but police are certain Dheeraj strangled his family to death.

Dhiren is a journalism graduate with a passion for gaming, watching films and sports. He also enjoys cooking from time to time. His motto is to “Live life one day at a time.”

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