Indian Nanny throws Baby Girl during Wife & Husband Row

An Indian nanny from Haryana threw a baby girl. The shocking incident happened during an argument between a husband and wife.

Indian Nanny throws Baby Girl during Wife & Husband Row f

she snatched Akasha from her mother's lap and threw her

A horrific incident occurred when an Indian nanny threw the baby girl she was supposed to be caring for, killing her.

It was reported that the woman threw the five-month-old child in a fit of anger after an argument broke out between the baby’s parents.

The incident took place in the village of Rana Majra, Panipat, Haryana.

The nanny has been identified as Teena while the parents have been named as Bilal and Asmin.

On the day of the incident, Asmin had been asking her husband to buy her a smartphone, however, Bilal refused, saying he could not afford to.

This led to an argument between the husband and wife. Meanwhile, the nanny and five-month-old Akasha were present in the room.

The row became heated due to Bilal’s constant refusal.

As the quarrel continued to escalate, Teena became angry. She eventually became so irate that she snatched Akasha from her mother’s lap and threw her in Bilal’s direction.

The baby landed face-first onto the ground. Unfortunately, the child died a short while later.

Officers at Sanaili Police Station were informed about the series of events and subsequently arrested the Indian nanny. A case of culpable homicide was registered against Teena.

The parents were also questioned about what had happened.

Bilal explained that he was arguing with his wife when the nanny picked up their daughter and threw her in a fit of rage.

He went on to say that he has been married to Asmin since 2016. They were married in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, but after the wedding, they began arguing over various matters.

Asmin soon filed a dowry case against Bilal and her in-laws. As a result, they began living separately but remained married to each other.

The couple had two children but due to the strained marriage, they also lived separately.

Their eldest child, three-year-old Sunaiya, had been living with the nanny for three months. Akasha lived with her parents.

This incident is a case of child neglect and abuse. The parents did not pay attention to their child. Instead, they were focused on rowing with each other.

Meanwhile, the argument angered the nanny. She then decided to take out her frustrations on the baby by throwing her. However, her actions had fatal consequences.

Teena currently remains in custody while the police continue with the investigation.

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