Indian Wife who Eloped with Lover wanted back by Husband

An Indian wife from Jharkhand eloped with her lover and intended to live with him. However, her husband said that he wanted her back.

Indian Wife who Eloped with Lover wanted back by Husband f

the Indian wife was still seeing her ex-boyfriend Rinku

After an Indian wife eloped with her lover, her husband has said that he wants her back.

The incident happened in the town of Kuju, Jharkhand.

It was reported that the lover was the woman’s ex-boyfriend, named Rinku.

On February 29, 2020, the married woman turned up at Kuju Police Station with Rinku and her one-year-old child. She eloped with Rinku a week before.

The woman told officers that she wanted to leave her husband and wanted to live with Rinku instead.

However, the husband and his family heard about his wife’s intentions. They soon turned up at the station.

The husband explained that he wanted his wife to come back but she refused.

This led to an argument between the estranged couple. The row became heated when they spoke about who was going to take custody of their child.

A row over the matter took place inside and outside the police station.

Officers soon intervened and managed to calm the situation down.

The husband, Anand, told officers that he tied the knot with the woman in an arranged marriage in 2018 and the two had a child.

However, the Indian wife was still seeing her ex-boyfriend Rinku and the two decided to run away.

Even though Anand’s family conducted several searches and came up with various theories for her disappearance, they did not suspect that she eloped with her lover.

On February 29, the young woman went with her child and Rinku to the police station. She told police that she wanted to live with Rinku.

She also refused to move back in with her husband while Anand expressed his desire to have his wife back.

Officers at the station called Kuju Eastern Chief Ashok Kumar and Chief Representative Kailash Karmali to help resolve the matter.

Both senior officials suggested that the couple should divorce each other by taking the required legal measures. Anand and his wife agreed to the suggestion.

A divorce was granted between the couple and the woman moved into Rinku’s house with her child.

In a similar case of a husband letting his wife go with her lover, Bikash Sahoo let his wife marry her lover.

Although he lives in Odisha, Bikash works in Kolkata and is only able to return home for a few days each year.

During his long absence, his wife had developed a relationship with Suresh Lenka, aged 28, also of Koilipur village.

The couple continued their relationship until Bikash’s parents spotted them together at her home in October 2018.

They immediately informed their son about the extra-marital affair.

Bikash came back to the village from Kolkata and confronted his wife and her lover. She told him that wanted to marry Suresh.

Bikash was initially shocked but he eventually accepted her request. He divorced her and a marriage was arranged between his wife and her lover.

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