Indian Girl eloped and married Man who Threw Her Off Train

An Indian girl eloped with a man and got married to him. However, while they were travelling on a train, her husband pushed her out.

Indian Girl eloped and married Man who Threw her Off Train f

"I started talking to the caller (Hira) and then fell in love with him."

An 18-year-old Indian girl identified as Baby, of Tinsukia, Assam, was found unconscious along a railway track after she was pushed off a moving train by her husband.

Her 25-year-old husband was identified as Hira and was also found nearby after he jumped off the train shortly after pushing his wife.

Police officers explained that the couple were found under the jurisdiction of Fatehganj (West) police. Both were taken to the nearby hospital.

According to officers, the incident happened shortly after the couple ran away together and tied the knot.

Baby alleged that her husband had pushed her off the speeding train before jumping off it himself.

She explained that she fell in love with him after regularly speaking to each other. They soon decided to elope and get married.

Baby told the Times of India: “I used to receive calls from an unknown number for around three months.

“Eventually, I started talking to the caller (Hira) and then fell in love with him. We then decided to get married.

“We reached Patha the next day, stayed in a hotel for two days and got married in a temple on July 29.”

Baby said that they boarded a train on Tuesday, July 30, 2019, which was bound for Moradabad in Uttar Pradesh.

She then claimed that as soon as they went past the city of Bareilly, her husband pushed her out.

Hira was taken to hospital with serious injuries, therefore, he was in no condition to provide officers with his account of the incident.

However, the Indian girl insisted that she had been pushed out of the moving train. Her husband soon jumped off the train.

She also explained that her father was an employee of the Tinsukia Municipal Board.

The city’s Superintendent of Police Abhinandan Singh stated that the Government Railway Police have been instructed to investigate the case.

Baby was transferred to a hospital in Lucknow to get treatment for the injuries she suffered.

Incidents, where loved ones are pushed out of moving transport, is not a rarity. In 2017, a father from Uttar Pradesh allegedly threw four of his daughters out of a moving train.

Iddu Mian allegedly threw four of his daughters off while everyone was asleep. When his wife woke, Mian allegedly said he pushed them.

Three of the girls survived while the fourth passed away. An investigation began after officers spoke to one of the surviving daughters.

The girls’ mother explained that her husband did not take on the responsibilities of a husband and father.

Mian went on the run after the train reached Jammu.

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Image courtesy of Times of India

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