Indian Father throws 4 Daughters out of Moving Train

An Indian father allegedly threw 4 of his daughters out of a moving train in Uttar Pradesh. Three of the girls survived while one tragically died.

Afreena with her daughter in hospital

"I threw them. Who will feed five girls and arrange for their marriages?"

In the area of Uttar Pradesh, an Indian father allegedly threw 4 of his daughters out of a moving train. The incident took place on the night of 23rd October 2017, reportedly just after midnight.

Iddu Mian, the 42-year-old man, and his wife Afreena Khatoon went on the Kamakhya-Katra Express with their five daughters.

However, as the moving train passed through Sitapur, Mian reportedly threw four of his five daughters off. He had thrown them off one-by-one. Meanwhile, everyone allegedly, including his wife, remained sleeping.

While three of the girls survived the ordeal, one, unfortunately, passed away.

On 1st November, the 42-year-old’s wife explained to police what happened. She claimed that Mian had returned to her after the incident. As Afreena woke up, she asked her husband where their four daughters were.

Afreena claimed her husband said: “I threw them. Who will feed five girls and arrange for their marriages?”

The 36-year-old mother added that her husband had allegedly made threats to her and their fifth daughter should she alert others on the train. They then reached their destination, Jammu, where Afreena claimed the 42-year-old had left them.

Police began their initial investigation earlier after speaking with one of the surviving daughters. The 9-year-old was admitted to Sitapur hospital with a shattered leg and spoke with police.

During these talks, they first believed Mian had also thrown his wife off the train too, based on the girl’s account. On 25th October, they discovered a body on the tracks, which the 9-year-old identified as her mother.

However, on 30th October, Afreena arrived at West Champaran in Bihar, where she hailed from, with her youngest daughter. With her surprising arrival, police began talks with her, where she gave her account.

In a hospital, she told press: “I paid the price for giving birth to girls.

“I did not even know when Iddu threw out our four daughters. I was sleeping with my youngest daughter on another seat.”

The 36-year-old mother also explained more on her husband. She claimed he didn’t take on responsibilities as a father and husband, saying:

“In the 13 years we have been married, he neither cared for us nor gave any money. This time he was adamant on taking me and the children with him. My mother never wanted us to go, but he insisted and she relented. I wish my mother would have stopped us from going with him.”

Police traced Mian’s mobile phone’s last location in Jammu. However, they were unable to find him when they arrived at the city.

Despite this, they will continue their search for the 42-year-old.

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Images courtesy of Oliver/Hindustan Times.

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