Uorfi Javed Trolled after being Banned from Dubai

Uorfi Javed told her followers that she has been banned from visiting Dubai, however, it led to a wave of trolling.

Uorfi Javed Trolled after being Banned from Dubai f


"So, that’s the problem."

Uorfi Javed stunned followers when she revealed that she was banned from visiting Dubai, claiming that it was because she did not have a surname.

However, netizens mocked her, believing it was due to her clothing choices.

A reporter inquired about the possible reason for being banned from Dubai.

Wearing just embellished coverings to hide her modesty, Uorfi claimed:

“Actually, the Dubai government said that Indian passports with single names (not having a surname) can’t get Visa.

“I don’t have a surname actually.

“I just use Javed just like that. I don’t really have a surname. I never had a surname.

“I only have Uorfi written on my passport. So, that’s the problem. But, I think now it’s amended.”

People took to the comments, trolling the actress’ choice of clothing as a reason why Dubai would ban her from entering the UAE.

One comment read: “How about wearing something decent?

“Maybe Dubai will allow her to enter. They had to be diplomatic so they gave a different reason.”

Another said: “Good news she should be banned everywhere.”

One person said:

“She is always naked why would Dubai want her to visit such a beautiful country.”

On November 24, 2022, Uorfi Javed shared her concerns in an Instagram Story about the news and her concerns about being denied travel to the UAE as a result of the country’s recent adjustment to its admission requirements.

The UAE revised its admission rule following the most recent travel regulations, stating that those with a single name will no longer be permitted access.

The statement released by UAE officials read:

“Any passport holder with a single name (word) either in a surname or given name will not be accepted by UAE immigration, and the passenger will be considered as INAD.

“Then such a passenger will not be issued a visa, and in case the visa was issued previously then he will be INAD by immigration.”

Additionally, only those with temporary, on-arrival, or visiting visas are subject to this restriction.

Uorfi frequently makes headlines for her daring sense of style.

She frequently stirs up controversy with her own wardrobe choices.

Although she has been cruelly trolled on several occasions, her images and videos go viral online and excite her followers to no end.

Uorfi also receives a tonne of appreciation from her supporters for being so forthright.

She recently slammed author Chetan Bhagat for his comments in which he said teenage Indian boys were getting distracted by her risqué outfits.

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