Sofia Hayat defends Uorfi Javed’s Bold Fashion Sense

Uorfi Javed is often criticised for her bold fashion choices. But now, Sofia Hayat has come to the actress’ defence.

Sofia Hayat defends Uorfi Javed's Bold Fashion Sense f


"Uorfi is either doing this to make a lot of money"

Sofia Hayat has publicly announced her support of Uorfi Javed’s controversial fashion sense.

Uorfi Javed is often in the headlines for her bold clothing choices.

But this results in her being frequently trolled and criticised on social media.

Now, Sofia Hayat has defended the social media sensation, claiming that the media has a negative agenda against women.

In a recent interview, Sofia came up with a number of reasons why Uorfi Javed is displaying alluring pictures of herself to the media.

Her first conclusion was that it is a way to get financially ahead due to the fast-paced, competitive nature of the Bollywood industry.

The singer said: “Uorfi is either doing this to make a lot of money because that’s the mentality in Bollywood.”

Another reason that Sofia came up with was that she believes showing skin is known to be a fast track to fame.

“She just wants to get attention and knows that showing skin works.”

Sofia Hayat went on to describe the clickbait tools used by the media to give the wrong impression of women who choose to wear sultry clothing.

She explained: “I have to say though, when Indian media uses the words topless, well, it’s not true.”

She also blamed the media for encouraging young men to view women in a misrepresented way.

“Topless would mean showing your bare breasts, so the media itself is also responsible for the titillation of young Indian male minds.”

The interview also discussed the ins and outs of the media industry in India.

Sofia Hayat added:

“In India, money, and fame are prized over morality.”

“When I was in Bigg Boss… I chose to not be at the finale because I wanted to show my morals were stronger than wanting more fame and money.”

Sofia also said that it is not Uorfi Javed’s responsibility for the minds of men who view her choice of dress negatively.

“Uorfi has not shown her body pornographically, and if some men are disgusted because they view women’s nudity as shameful, then it’s their problem.”

Sofia Hayat further added that everyone should stop “judging women”.

However, the reality star provided guidance for Uorfi Javed on handling the media.

She urged Uorfi Javed to be “careful” to avoid being the next victim to “fall prey to Bollywood’s unwanted advances”.

Ilsa is a digital marketeer and journalist. Her interests include politics, literature, religion and football. Her motto is “Give people their flowers whilst they’re still around to smell them.”

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