Chinese Woman travels to India to Marry Indian Boyfriend

In a case of long-distance love, a Chinese woman travelled to Madhya Pradesh in order to tie the knot with her Indian boyfriend.

Chinese Woman travels to India to Marry Indian Boyfriend f

He is very happy to have Siddharth as a son-in-law.

A Chinese woman travelled to India to marry her Indian boyfriend in a traditional wedding ceremony.

The woman and her parents flew to Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh, where she tied the knot with a young man.

It was a case of long-distance love for Siddharth and Ji Hao, which came to fruition in 2015.

The pair met at Sheridan College in Oakville, Canada and they eventually fell in love. Their parents were happy with their relationship and they decided to arrange the marriage.

Shibo Wang and his wife Jin Guan from Djiyong, China, got their daughter married and were impressed by the hospitality when they arrived in India.

They were also pleased with the customs that they follow.

Following Ji’s marriage, her parents are confident that their daughter will have a happy married life.

Shibo explained that India was “a great country” and went on to say that he was impressed by the hospitality his family received throughout their time in the country.

He is very happy to have Siddharth as a son-in-law. Jin said her daughter and Siddharth are very close and stated that she is confident that her daughter will be happy.

The Chinese woman explained that she met Siddharth in Canada while they were both studying at Sheridan College.

She revealed that she became close to Siddharth due to his helpful nature.

Ji added that even though Indian wedding customs are different from Chinese wedding customs, she likes it and was fascinated by it leading up to and during her wedding.

Following his marriage, Siddharth expressed his happiness. He said that his father found out about his relationship after seeing pictures of him with Ji on Facebook.

Siddharth’s family travelled to Canada to meet Ji and instantly got along with her.

They then video called Ji’s parents in China where they decided that the couple should get married.

In a similar case, a German woman decided to have a traditional wedding with her Indian husband, eight years after having a court marriage.

Nitin had first met Alanna whilst on holiday in Mauritius in 2012. After falling in love, they had a court marriage in Ahmedabad.

Alanna soon began expressing her desire to marry in a traditional ceremony after becoming fascinated with the cultural practises.

Nitin accepted her request and his wife made her way to India. On January 22, 2020, they had a traditional ceremony in front of their relatives.

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