Indian Woman living with Lover strangled with Mobile Wire

An Indian woman who was living with her lover in Punjab was found dead having been strangled with a mobile wire. An investigation has been launched.

Indian Woman living with Lover strangled with Mobile Wire f

he found Sukhwinder lying unconscious.

A murder investigation was launched after an Indian woman was strangled to death with a mobile wire.

The woman had been living with her lover in a rented apartment in the town of Kharar, Punjab. Her body was discovered on Thursday, January 30, 2020, on the bed.

The woman had left her husband to be with her lover and the pair moved into an apartment.

It was revealed that she was strangled to death with a mobile charger.

Police identified the victim as 30-year-old Sukhwinder Kaur.

Sukhwinder had been living with a man named Deepinder. The victim’s lover explained that he was the one who found Sukhwinder’s body.

He said that he finished work and returned home in the evening. After entering his apartment, he made his way into the bedroom where he found Sukhwinder lying unconscious.

Deepinder panicked and ran out of the house. He then called paramedics.

An ambulance arrived at the scene and paramedics tended to Sukhwinder, however, they revealed that she was already dead.

The police were subsequently called and officers arrived at the apartment where they launched an investigation.

During the preliminary investigation, officers confirmed that the Indian woman had been murdered.

They stated that she was strangled to death with the wire of a mobile phone charger.

Kharar SHO Bhagwant Singh stated that a case was registered against unidentified persons.

It is suspected that Sukhwinder’s estranged husband may have been involved. Police are looking to question him and his friend about their whereabouts on the night of Sukhwinder’s murder.

Sukhwinder had been married to labourer Harjinder Singh since 2012. She later separated from him and moved into an apartment with Deepinder.

They had been living together since December 2019.

It is not known why Sukhwinder split up with her husband but more will be known as the investigation continues.

Cases of murder involving live-in partners are not uncommon in India.

In one incident, a man named Ramsey Kurioe was arrested for killing his live-in partner after she suspected his infidelity.

Kurioe beat Marina Darbunja Lalmangsami to death at their home in Vakola, Mumbai.

According to the police, the suspect was originally from Manipur but moved to Vakola after finding a job at a salon in Govandi. Marina worked at a spa in Churchgate.

The couple had been living together for one-and-a-half years.

The matter came to light when her friends visited the house. They found an injured Marina in a semi-conscious state. They quickly rushed the woman to the hospital.

Marina later succumbed to her injuries. Doctors found she had been taking medication to reduce the severity of her pain.

The results of a medical examination showed she had numerous injuries all over her body. The type of injuries suggested she had been beaten with a heavy object.

Police spoke to neighbours and discovered that the couple would argue on a regular basis. Their rows escalated when Kurioe was accused of having an affair.

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