South Korean Woman travels to India to Marry Boyfriend

A 23-year-old South Korean woman travelled to India to marry her boyfriend. The pair first met at a coffee shop.

South Korean Woman travels to India to Marry Boyfriend f

""We were in a live-in relationship for four years."

A 23-year-old South Korean woman flew to India to marry her boyfriend, who is from Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh.

Kim Boh-Nee met Sukhjeet Singh at a coffee shop in Busan in 2019.

Sukhjeet had gone to South Korea for work and found a job at the coffee shop. He had been working there for six years.

Kim also started working at the same coffee shop as a counter attendant.

They eventually started dating.

Sukhjeet then had to return to India for six months.

Kim could not bear Sukhjeet’s absence and decided to follow him to India.

Helped by a friend, Kim took a flight to Delhi and then travelled to Shahjahanpur. Upon seeing her, Sukhjeet could not hide his happiness.

Sukhjeet explained: “We started talking when I was in Busan. Since I was learning Korean, I could converse with her.

“We were in a live-in relationship for four years. When I came to India, she followed me after two months.”

The couple decided to get married and they tied the knot in a traditional Sikh ceremony in a gurdwara.

Kim is currently living at a farmhouse with Sukhjeet and his family.

Stating that Kim is embracing Indian culture, Sukhjeet said:

“She is loving Indian culture, especially Punjabi songs. She doesn’t know the local language, but enjoys our music. Everything is new for her.”

Sukhjeet explained that he wishes to build a life with Kim in South Korea.

Kim is in India on a three-month tourist visa and extended it by a further month. She is set to return to South Korea in a few weeks.

Sukhjeet intends to join his wife in three months’ time.

Sukhjeet’s family are extremely happy with the marriage, celebrating the harmonious blend of South Korean and Indian cultures.

While Sukhjeet’s mother wants Kim to stay in India, she prioritises her son’s happiness.

Kim appreciates Indian culture and traditions.

In addition to expressing “I love Sukhjeet”, she has also voiced her affection for India, saying:

“I love India.”

There have been a number of long-distance relationships.

Earlier in August 2023, a Russian woman married her Pakistani boyfriend after meeting him on an internet forum.

They frequently chatted with each other and Muhammad Ali later travelled to Russia to meet Polina in person.

The pair shared similar interests, including travelling, exploring new cultures and food.

Polina eventually travelled to Pakistan where she and Muhammad married in a traditional ceremony.

After marriage, the couple started a YouTube channel where they talk about their life experiences and adventures.

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