Chaos for Indian Judge who Married Again without Divorce

An Indian judge from Haryana allegedly got married again without divorcing his first wife. This resulted in chaos for the judge.

Chaos against Indian Judge who Married Again without Divorce f

Instead, he decided to marry another woman.

Chaos embroiled for an Indian judge in Haryana after he was accused of marrying a woman without divorcing his wife.

The judge’s wife and her uncle arrived outside his house and began shouting the allegations against him. They also made threats towards him.

Other members of the woman’s family were there and locals soon went to see what was happening. This resulted in a crowd surrounding the judge’s house.

The incident happened in the city of Charkhi Dadri on Sunday, October 6, 2019, from 5 am.

For around 10 hours there was uproar. Police arrived at the scene and saw that the situation was becoming uncontrollable.

Officers used a baton charge tactic to disperse the crowd while also arresting the woman and her uncle.

During the early morning of October 6, 2019, there was suddenly a lot of commotion in the city.

The woman and her uncle had arrived outside the judge’s house and shouted for him to resolve the situation.

Members of the woman’s family came with her from Faridabad and they stated that she was married to him in 2012.

However, he allegedly began harassing her in 2015 and this led to him filing a court petition for a divorce.

But the judge did not divorce his wife. Instead, he decided to marry another woman.

The woman explained that they have a five-year-old daughter together but he refuses to see her.

As the day went on, more locals began joining the crowd in an attempt to find out what was going on.

News of the large crowd outside the Indian judge’s house attracted the attention of the police who believed that it was a high-profile incident.

The police deployed several officers to the area in order to increase security outside the judge’s house.

Police officers remained outside the judge’s home throughout the morning in which the front door was shut until 12 pm.

Despite officers providing security, the crowd continued to increase and at 3 pm, officers felt the situation was becoming uncontrollable.

The officers at the scene informed the station for police backup.

DSP Shamsher Singh urged the people to leave the area, but when they refused to leave, officers decided to take action.

Officers used a baton charge tactic to split the crowd up which was a success.

The wife of the Indian judge and her uncle were soon arrested for leading the chaos and taken into custody.

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