Indian Man tried to Smuggle 1kg Gold Under a Wig

In a bizarre smuggling attempt, an Indian man from Kerala was caught trying to illegally move over a kilogram of gold under a wig.

Indian Man tried to Smuggle 1kg Gold Under a Wig f

The Indian man even had some of his hair shaved off

An Indian man was caught by airport officials trying to smuggle more than one kilogram of gold. The incident took an unusual twist when it was found that he had concealed the gold under a wig.

The incident happened at Cochin International Airport, Kerala and the young man was identified as Naushad, a resident from Malappuram.

Customs Air Intelligence officials were eventually able to see through his design and seize the contraband.

Nevertheless, the audacious attempt has left social media users gobsmacked.

Naushad had landed at the airport from Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates on Friday, October 4, 2019, with the gold in compound form under his wig.

He had 1.13kg of the precious metal wrapped up so that it would fit under the hairpiece. The Indian man even had some of his hair shaved off in an attempt to convince airport officials.

Naushad managed to get past almost every security check but was caught in the final check by Customs Air Intelligence officials.

They were able to see that the hair was fake and when it was removed, the contraband was underneath.

News of the unique smuggling attempt circulated on social media. While some users said it was foolish of Naushad to carry out the smuggling attempt, others were impressed while some even joked about the situation.

One user wrote: “Tell me. This is not a promotion for the upcoming Ujda Chaman movie. Right?”

Another person posted:

“Wow! What an idea. But hats off to customs to be so smart to catch him.”

One commented: “Who said Indians aren’t smart ?? They are over smart.”

Naushad was arrested and an investigation has been launched to trace the origin of the gold and where it was intended to be delivered.

Officials believe that the young man is a carrier within a smuggling operation.

Custom officials explained that they have detected smuggled gold which has been concealed in different parts of the body in the past.

This particular method of smuggling is one of the more common ways according to the officials. However, they concluded that the head was the only part left to attempt until now.

According to The Hindu, Naushad’s method of smuggling gold in compound form is nothing new.

It makes it easier to avoid detection and it has allegedly been attempted more than once in almost every airport within the state of Kerala.

Within such smuggling attempts, once the carrier has reached their destination, the gold is extracted from the compound.

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